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Cura 12.11 - 14.12 Release Notes


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Posted · Cura 12.11 - 14.12 Release Notes

Good evening everyone,


currently i'm writing my bachelor thesis regarding product innovation of digitized products in hardware ventures - such as Ultimaker. For this purpose i'm analysing the history of Ultimakers Printers and their slicer Cura. Unfortunately i'm unable to finde the release notes from Cura 12.11 till 14.12. These would be really important, because they cover most of the time the Ultimaker 2 was the flagship product of Ultimaker.

Can someone please help me out?




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    Posted · Cura 12.11 - 14.12 Release Notes

    It's all here.  There are no official release notes but you can see everything that happened in every version.  Each commit has some comments.  Overall it's pretty clear what each new version came with (features/bug fixes).  There's actually a version 12.07 even!





    release list (not all that helpful):



    Do you know git?  I strongly recommend you install git.  Then do a clone (read about how to clone from github) onto your machine of "legacycura".  Then there is a great graphical viewer in standard git (works on mac/pc/linux) called gitk.  Just type gitk to see it.  You can quickly scroll through the 2000 or so commits and the tags for each release are in bright yellow.


    I think you could combine 3 years of git commit comments into a page full of notes in a few hours.  If you manage to do such a thing, maybe post it here?  I'm sure Daid, the main author back then, who now works for Ultimaker, would love to see a nice summary.


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    Posted · Cura 12.11 - 14.12 Release Notes

    Awesome! Thats exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

    I'm actually familiar with Git and appreciate your suggestion. Yet I don't know how the result of my research will look in detail. Probably there will be some kind of summary I can post here. I'm always happy whenever my work at university is not only used for grading :D

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    Posted · Cura 12.11 - 14.12 Release Notes

    Im done so far. My results are below, but there are still some mysterious updates (marked by missing content or '???').

    Do I get this right, that Cura supported more features than the Ultimaker Original (Dual Extrusion (RC3) , heated bed (12.10)) in the beginning?


    CURA Release Notes RC1 - 15.04.2

    04.04.2012 RC1
    * first release

    11.05.2012 RC3
    * Toolbar button icons (looks a lot better then the old buttons)
    * Scale to maximum size button
    * Project planner - Which allows you to print multiple objects after each other on different printer bed locations.
    * Various fixed in the First Run Wizard, hopefully solving most issues with it.
    * Move buttons in printer interface
    * Saving start/end code in profile instead of seperate files. Sharing your profile ini file will now include all settings including start/end code.
    * Support for multiple extruders (Dual, triple or even quad extrusion)
    * Faster GCode preview
    * Support for math expressions in settings. For example, a layer height of "0.1*3/10" is a valid setting
    * X/Y/Z indicators on 3D preview
    * Information about print time and filament usage after slicing
    * GCode syntax checking in start/end GCode editor

    21.05.2012 RC4 (bugfix & minor change release)
    * Fixed a critical bug where slicing didn't work when people where using Cura for the first time.
    * Added dwindle settings for people to experiment with. (In expert config)
    * Added mirror/swap buttons to project planner
    * Fixed issue where opening an explorer window on a filename with a space in it failed. (Windows only)
    * Added better command line slice running support (slice file with different profile.ini)
    * Added "show log" on project planner
    * Added an extra perimeter when you are using the Joris setting, this makes the print watertight
    * Fixed issue with GCode preview of Jorised GCode
    * Fixed an 3D preview window issue with ATI cards, where the preview window refused to update (Affects both Windows and MacOS)
    * Added slice date/time and basic settings to start of GCode. And made start/end code preserve lines that only had comments.
    * Made the Cura printing interface release the step motors when you cancel a print.

    09.06.2012 12.07
    Important changes:
    * Improved screen layout, so Cura is easier on the eyes and looks less messy. (Thanks to Joris)
    * Plate cutter tool in project planner. Even if someone uploaded a multi-part STL, you can still print separate pieces, or use the project planner to print them after each other.
    * Improved retraction support, retraction only on jumps now works better then before and no longer skips retraction when going to/from support structures.
    * Automated baudrate detection, no more need to fiddle in the settings if you want to mix RepG34 and Cura. Just use the RepG firmware and it works in Cura.
    * Speed controls and a terminal in the printer interface
    * Pause button in printer interface
    * Fixed the "ascii bug" for windows
    * Load profile from sliced GCode option (only available if file is sliced with Cura 12.07 or later

    Minor Changes:
    * Use project planner to assemble plates, save plates as 1 STL file.
    * Better retraction visualisation in GCode preview
    * Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 driver included for windows
    * Option to reset profile to default in normal mode.
    * Drop stl files into the window to load them
    * Min/Max fan speed support, effected by slowdown due to cooling
    * Batch run tool, slice a lot of objects after each other with the same settings.
    * M0/M1 pause support (in both firmware for UltiController, and USB printing interface)
    * Changed comb to move a greater distance inside the model, so combing doesn't scar the outer surface
    * Newer start/end code
    * More tags to be used in the start/end code to save information in your GCode file
    * Removal of the log file (it's no longer needed)
    * Default to a 115200 firmware if running Linux

    01.08.2012 12.08 (mainly bugfix)
    * Memory usage has been greatly reduced for the User interface
    * Loading of STL files is a lot faster
    * Rotating models is faster
    * Your model color can be customized in the preferences! (I should put this feature on the front cover of the boxed version)
    * Made printing trough USB a bit more robust, as well as the automatic baudrate detection.
    * Added a temperature graph, should show unstable temperatures if they happen. (does not get updated during printing)
    * Added file binding to STL files under windows (can be disabled during install), just double click an STL file to open Cura
    * Added a progress window to the "STL Cutter" in the project planner
    * Raft now works with the project planner
    * Project planner now has a "copy to SD" button
    * Fixed a few minor issues.

    07.11.2012 12.10
    * First run wizard is more user friendly.
    * Heated bed is now enabled in the user interface!
    * Time lapse web cam support only for windows!! The rest will follow soon!
    * Support material with dual extruder enabled.
    * Printing from USB is made easier.
    * Support for the open format COLLADA (.dae) ,making direct exporting from Google Sketchup possible.
    * Pre-loaded additional .stl like Ultimaker carry handle and Ultimaker robot. More is coming!

    11.11.2012 12.11
    * bugfix of a bug which prevented Cura from starting

    23.12.2012 12.12
    New Features:
    * Initial startup wizard asks for a few extra things about your machine and adjusts configuration accordingly
    * New bed leveling wizard to check and adjust your printerbed
    * A new button on the 3D window shows steep (more then 60deg) overhangs in red in the 3D model, allowing you to [*:3voajcfy]identify parts that will be hard to print without support.
    * Easy model rotation by use of the new rotation wheel
    * Ask to reload the current file if Cura notices that the file has changed
    * Project planner now always auto-places models, as manual placement was tricky and everyone used auto placing anyhow.
    * Added "hop" to expert settings, hop moves the head up when moving without printing, giving less chance to break your print when moving. This helps with thin spiderweb like prints, but can also produce extra blobs.

    Bugfixes & Small changes:
    * Fixed a bug with none-ascii paths in Windows
    * Fixed "scale to max size" to account for the skirt and raft
    * Added text on temperature graph in print window
    * Fixed functionality  of temperature set box on print window
    * Fixed sketchup dae import scale
    * Removed the machine center settings in favor of always centering
    * When loading a new model and resetting scale/rotation/mirror also reset the plugin
    * Fixed a bug when using 1.2mm als wall thickness causing over-extrusion

    07.03.2013 13.03
    * Update the statistics upload with preferences and version info.

    25.04.2013 13.04
    * Fixed preference window failing to open properly on Mac.
    * Fixed Mac “E steps preference” not being used in actual GCode.
    * Fixed serial port settings not functioning for USB printing on Mac.
    * Fixed bed temperature not working for Mac.
    * Fixed objects turning black in some mirror & rotation uses.
    * Fixed slicing objects with Russian filenames.
    * Fixed saving projects in the project planner.
    * Fixed, dual-extrusion slicing with 2 parts no longer stops at the lowest object.
    * Fixed defaults to full screen.
    * Improved installation on Linux.
    * Added keyboard support to switch layers in slicing viewer.
    * Default profiles (low/mid/high quality) have been tweaked for improved prints.

    21.05.2013 13.05
    * Git stuff

    17.06.2013 13.06.2
    * Fix loading of files on startup.

    21.06.2013 13.06.3
    * changed version name

    26.06.2013 13.06.4
    * Git stuff

    15.10.2013 13.10
    * New firmware version for UM2.

    20.11.2013 13.11.2
    * Set the clip size to the size in the UM2

    22.12.2013 13.12
    * Added an expert parameter for the wipe tower size, and made brim go around the wipe tower.
    * Added experimental support for printing with the Doodle3D Wifi box.
    * Updated object boundaries for multiple-object prints, allows for tighter fitting of objects on the build platform.
    * Updated time-estimate to greatly improve accuracy of the estimate.
    * Fixed problem with retractions not happening when they should.
    * Added keyboard control for the 3D window to look around with cursor keys.

    UM2 Firmware
    * Fixed bug in acceleration planning causing slow moves on rare occasions.
    * Fixed the problem where aborting a print did not always home to the head.
    * Disabled normal LCD menu curing USB printing.
    * Disable stepper drivers after print is finished or aborted, so you can manually move the head.

    10.01.2014 14.01
    * Firmware 14.01.2 to fix the crash bug when print is finished.

    17.03.2014 14.03
    * Update the language files.

    06.06.2014 14.06
    * Updated drivers for Windows 8.1.
    * Added better raft support with surface layers and an air-gap. Special thanks to Gregoire Passault.
    * Improved outer surface quality on high detail prints.
    * Fixed bug with multiple machines and different start/end GCode.
    * Added initial support for BitsFromBytes machines.
    * Improved the Pronterface UI with buttons to set temperature and extrusion buttons.
    * Improved bridging detection.

    Firmware U2:
    * Fixed a problem with the bed leveling. (Special thanks to stevegt for figuring this out)
    * Improved the start of the print, first moves the bed up before moving to the print.
    * Improved the start of the print, initial filament push is slower so it does not slip.
    * Made sure the head does not bump into the front of the casing at first startup.
    * Fixed support for the PauseAtZ plugin.
    * Added lifetime runtime stats. Allows you to see how long the printer has been running.

    03.07.2014 14.07
    * changed Version from 14.06.1 to 14.07

    19.09.2014 14.09
    * Added French and German language options.
    * When using the Pause at height plugin, the extruder will lose power so you could swap filament in an UM2.
    * Fixed an issue on both MacOS and Windows where Cura failed to start.
    * New TweakAtZ plugin from Dim3nsioneer.
    * Toolpath generation tries to find internal corners to start/end a layer, to minimize the seam seen on some prints
    * Added Ultimaker Original+
    * Added Ultimaker Original Heated Bed Upgrade Kit'

    Firmware U2:
    * Fixed problems caused by canceling a print while the print is paused
    * Marked the first-run done earlier so you can turn off the machine before selecting a test print

    09.12.2014 14.12
    * Fixed a problem which was introduced in 14.09. There are extreme amounts of head movements generated.
    * Speed up GCode generation for large models by as much as 40%
    * Fixed problems with placement of multiple objects on the build platform
    * Prevent installing firmware for Ultimaker Original+ on an Ultimaker Original
    * Fixed generating big GCode files (more then 200MB) on Windows
    * French translation updates (Thanks to Jeremie Francois)
    * Fixed a problem where "everywhere" support did not work when german was used as language.
    * Changed the handling of the heated bed, now always heats the bed first instead of bed and nozzle at the same time. This to prevent the nozzle from leaking empty.
    * Fixed the "uninstall old Cura versions" option in the windows installer.
    * Improved the search for old installations, so old settings are copied over.
    * Fixed a bug where double clicking a file on windows did not load the file in Cura.
    * Made sure the firmware versions for Ultimaker printers always match the Cura release number.
    * Added a quick access button for expert settings of a certain setting.
    * Added some more raft settings to dial in the raft better.
    * Fixed the tooltip of support material. Now it actually explains the angles properly.
    * Fixed a bug which caused the USB printing window to stop working (Thanks to SpaxGuy)
    * Fix a bug where Cura would stop generating GCode
    * Added latest offerings of Printrbot

    Firmware U2:
    * Detect when the endstops are not working properly. Which prevents the bed from damaging the nozzle.
    * Added the ability to import/export material profiles to the SD card.
    * Improved hotend temperature stability.
    * Added UPET material profile.
    * Minor improvements to the time estimate code.

    15.12.2014 14.12.1
    * Update to 14.12.1 for UM2 firmware update.

    30.01.2015 15.01
    * Improved handling of large 3D models
    * Added top/bottom speed setting
    * Improved quickprint profiles (thanks to Paul Candler)
    * Added single layer view (thanks to pmsimard)
    * Added option to replicate local folder structure to SD card (thanks to pmsimard)
    * Added UM2go support
    * Added UM2extended support
    * Improved UM2 platform rendering, to show where the actual bed clips are located
    * Fixed problems with PauseAtHeight plugin (thanks to pmsimard)
    * Finally fixed the filament and print time tags in the gcode
    * Fixed plugins with UltiGCode
    * New TweakAtZ 4.0 from Dim3nsioneer
    * Improved support for Mach3 and LinuxCNC based printers
    * Added flow in cubic mm on each of the speed settings tooltips

    Firmware U2:
    * Added option to change filament when pausing during a print.
    * Prevent temperature display jitter (thanks to TinkerGnome)
    * Fixed problems with filenames containing an umlaut.
    * Improved pause handling (thanks to ThinkerGnome)

    18.02.2015 15.02

    18.02.2015 15.02.1
    * Fixed saving to SD card on MacOS and linux
    * Fixed Cura not starting up for some Windows users
    * Fixed UM2 problem where material was not retracted at the end of the print
    * Fixed UM2 problem where material was not pushed forward after changing material during a pause

    16.04.2015 15.04
    * Fixed a small issue where Cura sometimes failed enable the save button
    * Added save gcode shortcut key (CTRL+G)
    * Updated UM2, UM2go and UM2extended firmware for the new support url on errors
    * Fixed small issue in the UM2go firmware

    22.07.2015 15.04.2
    * New firmwares for the Ultimaker2, Ultimaker2go and Ultimaker2extended
    * New and updated 3th party machine configurations

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