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Well. That didn't work.

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Posted (edited) · Well. That didn't work.

I've been so happy that my UM3 has never failed a print once it got past the first layer (build adhesion is still occasionally an issue). I started a dual-extruder print -- nothing that seemed too complicated, PLA with a bit of PVA support -- made sure it got past that first layer, and left for work. After around two hours I thought to check in on it remotely. Hmm. No. That doesn't look right.Disaster.thumb.jpg.03e4aecc9bc2bde1237ffbaa14791f3a.jpg


I aborted the print, eventually made it home... no. That definitely doesn't look right. ?




Looks like I'm having spaghetti for dinner.

Anybody else got some funny failure pics to share?




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Posted · Well. That didn't work.

Welcome to the oopsie club. ? I stopped taking pics of this ages ago because I found that 90% of such failures were due to my errors in cleaning and putting down a proper adhesive layer. I mean, it ran from failed priming towers (Not my issue on that one) to getting in a hurry and not just doing one or two things. The worst is the filament crawling up inside the printhead. With that in mind, be happy that s'ketti was all you had to deal with ?


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Posted · Well. That didn't work.

Oh, how "disgusting" that looks nice, I have not seen for a very long time ?

At the moment I only have this to offer:
Unfavorable settings in acceleration mainly I think. And it's not the best material either. But heck, it's stuck on the platform. And after removing the spaghetti it should be usable. Anyway, the surfaces look acceptable, I think ?


Greetings and good luck for next time print.


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