Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta
It’s time for the next step in the evolution of Ultimaker Cura. We’re excited to share Ultimaker Cura 3.4 Beta with you! 
This new version holds a lot of improvements for UX, new plugins and some very interesting upgrades to the slicing engine.    Before we get started, I would like to remind you that even though we have tested this version internally for major bugs, we can’t yet guarantee the same reliability and quality as the stable version. Therefore, if you are working on an important or time-sensitive project, we recommend to continue and use the stable version. Thank you!    So, without further ado. What are those new improvements?    UX improvements. Toolbox. The plugin browser has been renamed into the ‘Toolbox’. Graphical elements are added such as tiles with contain more information upon clicking.    Upgradable bundled resources. It’s possible now to have multiple versions of bundled resources installed; the bundled version and the downloaded upgrade. If an upgrade in the form of a package is present, the bundled version will not be loaded. If it’s not present, Ultimaker Cura will revert to the bundled version.    Configuration error assistant. Detect and show potential configuration file errors to users, like incorrect files and duplicate files in material or quality profiles. Information is stored and communicated to the user to prevent crashing in the future.  Reprap/Marlin GCODE flavor. RepRap firmware now lists values for all extruders in the "Filament used" GCODE comment. Contributed by @smartavionics   Plugin updates. Backup and restore. We’ve added the functionality to backup and restore your settings and profiles to the cloud using the Cura Backup plugin. This could be a most welcome improvement when you have a custom machine, custom profiles or work with multiple computers.      Autodesk Inventor integration. Open AutoDesk inventor files (parts, assemblies, drawings) directly in Ultimaker Cura. (Thanks to @thopiekar!)   Blender, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD integration. Open these files directly into Ultimaker Cura. (Again, thank you @thopiekar)   New version of OctoPrint (Thank you @ahoeben !) and MakePrintable.    Slicing engine upgrades. Infill support. When your model doesn’t need all the strength that infill gives, but you do want to give support where your top layers need it you may want to use infill support. When enabled, it generates internal support for part structures that need support. (Thank you @bagel-orb !)     Print outside perimeter before holes. This prioritizes outside perimeters before printing holes. By printing holes as late as possible, there is a reduced risk of the travel moves showing unwanted artifacts on your surface. Many thanks to @smartavionics   Disable omitting retractions in support. Previous versions had no option to disable omitting retraction moves when printing supports, which could cause issues with third-party machines or materials. An option has been added to disable this and thus enable retractions when printing support. ( @bagel-orb!)   Support wall line count. Added setting to configure how many walls to print around supports. (Thanks @bagel-orb !)   Max combing distance with no retraction. This value determines the maximum distance your printhead will travel without retraction. When set to a non-zero value, combing travel moves that are longer than that distance will use retraction. (Thank you @smartavionics !)   Bug fixes. We fixed a lot of bugs in this version. I want to highlight a few but please navigate Extensions > Changelog > Show changelog for a full list of bug fixes.    Empty file names. If the filename is empty when you save and send your sliced model to the printer, Ultimaker Cura will report it as sent but it would never arrive. Now, if the job name is empty, it is detected and listed as ‘unnamed’.    Print job name reslice. Fixed behavior where print job name changes back to origin when reslicing.   Curaproject naming. Fixed bug related to two "curaprojects" in the file name when saving a project.   Discard/keep. Fixed a bug where customized settings didn’t give an 'discard or keep' dialog when changing material.   Prime tower purge fix. Prime tower purge now starts away from the center, minimizing the chance of overextrusion and nozzle obstructions. Thanks to @bagel-orb   No support on first layers. Fixed a bug related to no support generated causing failed prints when model is floating above build plate.   As a final note, a big hand for @ahoeben , jwalt, ohrn, ngraziano, @smartavionics, @bagel-orb and @thopiekar . Your contributions help everyone, every day! Thank you!    But this was just my list, there is more! Don’t care and you’re ready to try it out? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta here.
Do you prefer to continue and read more about? Visit our blog.   As always, we’re looking forward receiving your feedback. It is because of your feedback we are able to continue and improve it.