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Hi Cura developers!


I found a way to print 0.1 mm resolution with nearly the print time of 0.3 mm resolution. I wanted to patent it, but a patent is too expensive for me. So I will give the idea to You for free. ?

We (the community) can use Cura for free. So I think I can give back something. ? Cura is my favourite slicer. And I like to see this idea in the best slicer of the world.


So, If You are interested in my idea to get 0.1 mm resolution with nearly the speed of 0.3 mm resolution, please answer to this post. I will give You the idea for free. But I don’t want to publish it here in the forum, because You should have time to develop this function before other can copy it. ?


Are You interested? The solution is very easy, You will not believe! But it can only found by a "out of the box" thinker.

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I assume the idea is that you print outer perimeters at 0.1mm but print infill with 0.3mm only every 3rd layer.

If so this had already been implemented in cura; see "Infill Layer Thickness" option.

Since I don't know what your proposal is about below linked thread might be similar:

(note that #ctbeke explained that for good structural integrity walls need to be kept at same layer height - and I assume that's the reason why only infill thickness is configurabel but not inner walls.)

But the devil in the details so I'd definitely be interested in your idea - I myself do experiment with developing a post processing script that more-or-less does what I described above.



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I don't think trying to be secretive about some great idea is going to benefit anyone except possibly yourself.  The thing is, the whole of Cura is opensource.  There are no secrets hidden there to a person with the programming and printing know how and a work ethic to understand it.  This is where the strength is in the organization model.  Holding an idea secret is withholding information from the group who has done so much to help one another in this community driven effort.


Sharing some break through idea here among experts and novices may be the best way to move it forward via feedback and brainstorming which would undoubtedly improve on the base.  What could be the possible harm?  So what if some other slicer or company grabs the idea?  Posting it here prevents any party from monopolizing such ideas by establishing prior art.


I think the whole post is more likely some kind of baiting exercise...

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2 hours ago, eldrick said:

You can already print thicker infill in Slic3r or Kisslicer.

Have you done any testing with Slic3r or Kisslicer in terms of how much time is saved?

I looked at the gcode Slic3r produced (settings are not exactly same as Cura - I'll try to see if I can do a better job) but it seems Slic3r does not put the extra dots Uhlhorn was talking about thus "combine infill" printing time is greatly reduced compared to Cura's "Infill Layer Thickness" feature...

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I managed to publish my post processor script to do something similar.

Here's an article on it including the instructions:



Feel free to give it a try. Note that I haven't tested it on complex models nor support...

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