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Hey Ultimaker makers,

I was wondering about the next Ultimaker printer, I would be happy to see if the 3D printer can print 4 or more materials at a print. Maybe with 2 two or 4 print heads or fast interchangeable print heads. The slicing profile for 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2 mm diameter nozzle would also be appreciated. An autofocus camera too (if I'm not too greedyūü§£ ). ¬†

That's it for now. 

Signing off

Dilip Chalissery

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I like the thoughts. Just bear in mind that a quad-extruder printer would be even slower than the Ultimaker 3, which is already considered slow. (The more machinery you've got in a print head, the greater its mass; the greater the mass of the print head, the harder it is to move it around quickly.)


If you're after lots of colors rather than different material types, an approach that prints CMYK colors on the surface of a print -- like the 3D Systems ZPrinter or the DaVinci Color -- might be a better solution.

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I would like to print with different materials. 


In the case of increasing the extruder, which increases the weight of it, I would suggest that, let it uses the same system as Ultimaker 3, but each extruder gets two Bowden tube which may get connected with a "y" connector to the extruder, for example, where, when the 1st material is printed for the layer, the filament is retracted to above the y connector and the next filament advances to the extruder to print with the next filament, same case for other extruders. So, the speed and weight of the printhead remains the same and also gets 4 materials with the same printer.

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It would be really hard for routing multiple materials through one nozzle during a print to be practical. Sure, you can retract Material A and feed in Material B; but there's still going to be a significant amount of leftover Material A in the nozzle. Think about the existing process of swapping materials or print cores -- after making a swap, you have to move a significant amount of material through the nozzle before you start getting a good, pure extrusion of the new material. You'd wind up wasting a lot of material and time if you had to do that multiple times during the print, especially if you had to do it during every layer.


And, of course, if the print temperature of the materials is different, things get harder.

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