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Ninjaflex and other flexible filaments in ultimaker products

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Hi @ArthurG


welcome to our community! 

Since we have a bowden tube system using a flexible material like NinjaFlex is not super easy, but it is doable. 

We support for example printing with TPU 95A which is also pretty flexible. In between the Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3, I don't think there would be much difference which would handle flexible filament better. If anything, the Ultimaker S5 has a flow sensor which could detect if there are any filament issues could be handy so I would vote for that one. But that doesn't directly help with printing flexible filaments. 

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On 6/14/2018 at 9:59 AM, ArthurG said:

Will any Ultimaker products print with Ninjaflex? I've heard that the Ultimaker 3 has problems when you try to use flexible filaments. Can the s5 or 2 print with flexible materials? If so which would be best?

I know ultimaker brand materials have a sensor chip or something that recognizes the material when you put in the spool. If you use nonultimaker brand filament to print will there be any downsides other than having to manually input the material?

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Not really. The NCF chip in the Ultimaker filaments communicates with the NFC reader in the reel holder. It helps to avoid any confusion about what filament is on your Ultimaker, and it automatically loads the designated profile. On a distance you can also sync Cura to the configuration on your Ultimaker. This works also if you don't have NFC chips because it syncs to the (manually) selected material from your Ultimaker, but I think it is a nice feature so I wanted to bring it up anyway ?

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I had no issues with printing with Ninja's Flexible products. Here is  a test I did last year when I first got my UM3E and was putting every imaginable material through it. The S5 should give similar results. I have not had the chance to test that yet with the Ninja Products yet though, so do not quote me on that specific case.


This was done when anything that took too long was not feasible. Now, I print things that take many days, but not then....I wanted it in my hands as fast as possible.


This is a small spider I got from Thingiverse to use as a test subject.


I shot it with Krylon gold paint to test it and to be able to photograph it. It was printed with a PVA base and what looks like little strings are actually supposed to be the teeny prongs jutting off the legs. But, still not too shabby for a 0.2 mm layer height. First pic is with a US Quarter for size comparison.




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