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Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out

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Posted · Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out


One of my two ultimaker-2 got burned out.i have given a long print 10hrs yesterday night today morning I have observed there is my build plate got burned out.last week also my another ultinmaker-2 printer build plate got the same thing. may I know what is the reason and why the build plate got burned out easily? 

Please find the below-attached images and give some solution ASAP.





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    Posted · Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out

    I think "burned" may be a bad translation?  This has nothing to do with heat.


    This would be easy for me to fix.  I would scrape off the covering of the trace to the right of where it broke.  Then solder a wire from there to the connector and optionally cover the repair with kapton tape so there is no short circuit with anything else nearby.  The other pads need to be resoldered to the board of course.


    The cause of this problem is mechanical.  the solder wasn't strong enough and when the first three pads came loose and the final pad was still sticking it doesn't take too much force to lift that copper trace off the board.


    If you aren't familiar with how to repair this then you should be able to find a friend who is good with soldering who can fix it for you quickly.

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    Posted · Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out



    Thanks for your reply.


    Old build plate may be the problem with soldering.but after changing the new build plate also new buildplate got burned out..

    1. Is there any possibility to burned out the build plate due to the power flactuation..??

    2.we have upgraded hot end from ultimaker 2 to Ultimaker 2+ without updating the 2+ firmware is this the reason..??


    Please help me out..I'm very much suffering with this issue..

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    Posted · Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out

    If this happened on both printers in a short time, could it be the connecting cables were bent in the wrong way? So that they got stuk, or got a high mechanical load or twist when the plate was moving up and down? I am not an Ultimaker employee, and not familiar with the details, but I read somewhere that these cables need to be bent in a special position, to avoid distortion?


    While this won't repair your issue of course, maybe it might prevent it from happening again, if it would have been a contributing factor to the cause?


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    Posted · Ultimaker Buildplate Burned out

    You keep saying "burned" but heat has nothing to do with your problem.


    It's mechanical.  Maybe the wires are too stiff.  Maybe they weren't tied down well with that black part with the 2 screws.  Maybe the cable was upside-down.  All I know is the problem is mechanical.  Too much force against that black connector versus how well it was soldered on.  Maybe it wasn't soldered on well but I can see in the picture the solder looks pretty good.  maybe the cable is too short such that when the platform moves all the way up the cable is pulling very hard.


    Do you have a friend who has soldering experience?  Maybe a friend of a friend?  I could fix this in 20 minutes - it's not hard.  Ask around.  If you watch someone fix this and see how easy it is then you can do it yourself next time.  Your picture makes you look like a manager - maybe someone who works for you should learn how to solder.

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