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E3D V6 on UM2+ thermistor issue

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to install an E3D v6 24v hot-end set on a UM2+ to be able to print Nylon filament at heigher temperatures. 


This is the first time i'm doing a modification to the printer and I follow this guide:


supplemented with this video:


However since I only want to exchange the hotend and not the extruder I cannot use the supplied firmware (hex file) and gcode to write the EEPROM to my understanding.


So I downloaded the UM2.1 firmware on github (https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware) opened it in Arduino IDE 1.6.9 and made the adjustments in the configuration.h tab as instructed on the E3D guide, set the thermistor to type 5, adjusted the PID settings and the HEATER_0_MAXTEMP to 400. 



Uploading to the printer through Aruino IDE seems to work well, in the advanced menu of the printer it reads the Version that I put in in the uploaded firmware.


However I did NOT do anything to the EEPROM, because when I connect the printer to Pronterface it reads out the values I changed in the newly uploaded firmware so I guess it is not neccessary?


Compiling and uploading the firmware to the Ultimaker seems to work but when I check the temperature in the advanced menu of the userinterface it says the current temperature is 8 degrees C while the bed temperature reading is 21C (correct). I measured the resistance of the E3D thermistor and it seems to be 113K ohms so it is not broken I think. When I raise the temperature of the nozzle manually in the advanced menu the Heater Cartridge heats up immediatly and after a few seconds I get a reading from the thermistor as well. However somehow I have the feeling that the cartridge gets a lot hotter then the thermistor says. As a test I changed back to the original thermistor of the Ultimaker and updated the firmware through the most recent version of Cura and than the temperature sensing seems to work as accordingly so I guess there's nothing wrong with the board either and the issue is purely software related.


Does anybody have an idea what I did or didn't do wrong? 

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I think I found the solution, I misread in the E3D guide that they use a PT100 temperature sensor instead of the standard 100k thermistor. It makes sense that the Temp1 input on the Ultimaker electronics board cannot handle a 100k thermistor out of the box because the electronics on the board are tuned towards the PT100 setup (which works on a different principle). So I took the original Ultimaker PT100 from the hot end and mounted it in the E3D V6, changed the temperature sensor parameter in the firmware back to option "20" which is the default setting and now the temperature readings are correct and the hotend heats up as quickly as the original. Time for a first test print :-)


This topic can be closed if you ask me. 

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On 9/8/2018 at 7:43 PM, brictone said:

I'm running into this same thing, except, I'm wondering if I can use the e3d therm on the UM2 mobo?  Sounds like it's not possible without some adapter due to the way the electronics are designed.


I believe this is correct. It would be simpler to just use a PT100 sensor. You should be able to use the one that came with the UM unless you damaged it. The Ultimainboard's thermal sensor input is special amplifier circuitry designed just for PT100 type sensors.

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Hallo,Because with this lookalike olson block you can use the original UM2 heating element and the temp.sensor. Also the connecting wires are on the back.  It works very well, I packed it with glass wool (insulation paper). I will take a picture soon.

I have improved the attachment of the E3D by sliding a rip between it so that it can no longer turn around.

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