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Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Stable is available for download!

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Ultimaker Cura 3.4 is available! 


We’re happy to share that Ultimaker Cura 3.4 is now available to use. What do we have in stock for you this time? 
We have included new plug-ins, UX-enhancements and some improvements to the slicing engine. 

You can find more information about Ultimaker Cura 3.4 in our blog.

I am happy to share some of my favorite improvements with you below. What are yours?


Plugin updates!

  • Cura Backups — Yes, this is great! When you have installed this plugin you’ll be able store settings, material and plugin backups in the cloud. You can do this using your Ultimaker community account if you prefer to keep 1 profile or create a separate new account. You’ll be able to access your configurations from every computer and location around the globe (..with internet)




  • More integrations — You’re now able to use the following files directly in Ultimaker Cura: (thanks to @thopiekar!)
    • Autodesk Inventor 
    • Blender
    • OpenSCAD
    • FreeCAD


Slicing engine upgrades

  • Infill support — When you enable infill support the Cura engine will only build support structures where it is necessary to support walls or top layers, like internal supports. This may result in faster print times without caving walls. (thank you @bagel-orb)
  • Controlled retractions. New options to control retraction like:
    • Max combing distance with no retract. When set to a non-zero value, combing travel moves that are longer than that distance will use retraction, to maintain optimal nozzle pressure for better print quality. (Thank you @smartavionics !)
    • Maximum combing resolution. Combing travel moves are kept at least 1.5 mm long to prevent buffer underruns, for better print quality.
    • Avoid supports when traveling. Added setting to avoid supports when performing travel moves. This minimizes the risk of the print head hitting support material, improving print (Thank you @bagel-orb!)
  • Support wall line count —Added setting to configure how many walls to print around supports.



  • Settings filter timeout. For a better performance, the settings filter is now triggered on enter, or after a 500ms timeout. So you should expect Cura to run smoother while using it.
  • Anonymous data sharing. We have changed the ‘Send anonymous data’ button so you can see more information first, and then decide to enable or disable. We’ve also added logging for the new events. This data can be used to benchmark performance on different machines.




Third-party printers and stability fixes

We’ve included a lot of Ultimaker Cura 3.4 bug fixes and enhancements to improve your user experience:

  • Empty file name — If an empty filename job was sent to Cura Connect, Ultimaker Cura would report it as sent, but it would not appear in the Cura Connect queue. Empty job names are now detected and set to "unnamed" to prevent this from happening.
  • Curaproject naming — Fixed bug related to two "curaprojects" in the file name when saving a project.


We've recorded a video explaining some of the video's more in-depth:



There is even more included in Ultimaker Cura 3.4. We owe a lot of gratitude towards: @thopiekar , @ahoeben, @smartavionics, @bagel-orb, jwalt, ohrn, ngraziano for their contributions. Without them, Ultimaker Cura wouldn’t be the same today. Thank you! 


Can't wait to get started? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.4 here!

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Just now, smartavionics said:

Hi, @SandervG, thanks. I know I did contribute some stuff but it wasn't me that worked on the avoid supports when travelling option. I think that was likely to be @bagel-orb ?

ohh thanks for the feedback! I changed that last minute cause I thought I heard you worked on all 3 of those settings. You did work on the Max combing distance with no retract  right? Then I'll add your name back to that one. 

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Just now, smartavionics said:

Who cares? Kudos all round, I say!

Fair enough! I figured you, and the rest, may appreciate being credited for all your contributions more than a shout out at the bottom. Which would be easier for me. But if all is fine I can also go for that option and save us all some confusion (mostly me probably ;)) 

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2 hours ago, qwerty8224 said:

as always, I like everything))) but it's a pity that many excellent fixations from smartavionics did not get into this assembly (((.
thanks to everyone who takes part in the development.


One good thing about the delay before contributions are merged into Cura is that it gives more time for testing and refinement. So by the time something becomes available for users to test, I have probably been using the changes for months and will have found most of the problems by then.

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Is there a way to get back your configurations after the error assistant deletes all your custom printers and settings?


The configuration error assistant said two of my configurations were bad and wanted to reset them. It did not specify anything other than the name of the printer config, and since it was two that I didn't use much I told it to reset them, but (and a warning would be nice) it totally reset Cura as if it were a brand new install and removed all printer configs and profiles.


Not cool.



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Hello I just updated to version 3.4. I have 16 printers and have been installing each one by one with no issues but for some reason and I cant figure it out after the 14th printer I can install it but if I shutdown cura when restarting the program it goes through its normal loading up the kicks out. I have tried over and over to restart but wont open. I do the hard reset and it opens but all my printers are gone. I setup the new backup plugin and kept backing up so not to have to spend a hour or so adding printers and no matter which of the last two printers I install the same thing happen. Is there a max amount of printers you can install or max number of a curation printer you can install before issues like 4 prusa I3's or FDM's. I didn't have this issue on previous versions of cura.


Thanks for someone's help.  

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Hello, team!

I have one issue with versio 3.4. It doesn't print first layer of supports. My first print with new version failed, because supports had not stuck to a buildplate. The picture above shows the same models with the same settings in two Cura versions. In Cura 3.4 supports start at second layer.

Is it a bug?


Thank you!

1st layer.jpg

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On 6/28/2018 at 4:32 AM, Baron_Ravenswood said:

Why is there still no support for the Creality CR10 3D printers? I had to put OTHER when I registered the download.


Ultimaker's core team does not add these, the community or machine manufacturer does (or not if they're not interested). Please contact Creality or ask the community for better support on this.

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