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Er19 Er18 Er15 - new printer please help

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Hi All,


Need some help, I recently got a Almost new Ultimaker 3. (I now own a couple) but i keep getting these errors. I have tried removing the cable as suggesting in other threads and reseating but to no avail.


I have tried swapping printcores and im pretty certain its something to do with the printcore 2 slot in the print head, as that is the one that always gives errors.


It seems to be quite random when it happens, i wiggle the wires around, and it doesnt seem to be a lose connection. But then randomly it will cut out if i try to use both printheads. Also if i run a heating test, it will randomly work fine or the second core wont heat up. Again i have swapped printcores and both see to work fine when in the printcore 1 slot.


Any thoughts?

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11 hours ago, starbuck said:

Perhaps it's the gold pins that connect the PrintCores to the back of the print head? Use a flashlight to check those out real good.


10 hours ago, kmanstudios said:

Would not hurt to pull it out and clean it too just to make sure.


I have tried swapping print head and its always "Print core 2" but actually printcore 2 has been swapped and works fine in slot 1. if that makes sense. 


So you think it might be the connections on the print head but in the print core slot?


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If the core prints fine and is always Print head slot 2 giving errors no matter what core is in there, then I would agree that it is in the printhead. However, do as the tech suggests because they have a procedure to work out the issues.


Did you clean the heck out of the contacts in the printhead? Just some good old isopropyl alcohol as pure as you can get it and a good cotton swab.


Also check that the cores are slotting in nice and snug as to rule out any sort of looseness in the fittings.

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