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Empty Spool Weight

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Hi everyone,


Figured I would make a thread of a list of empty spool weights that can be updated as we collect them, if you so desire.

Post a picture as evidence and round up to the closest 5g 👍


  • ColorFabb
  • Fillamentum
  • MatterHackers
  • RigidInk
  • Ultimaker
    • 750g Spool = 235g


I did do a search and haven't found a thread like this so apolagise if I missed it.



Ultimaker 750g - 235g.jpg

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great. thanks for this.  i was searching for the tare weight of an ultimaker spool so that i could determine if my print would finish with the remaining filament i had on the spool.


question for the community:

does anyone else practice this technique with success?  what is your experience?  i noticed cura estimates the material usage (give both a length and weight).  how accurate is that?  is it good enough to approximate and run a print with this info?  thanks.

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Several months ago there was a survey on which materials people used most. If I remember well, empty spool weight was one of the many items in the list? Other items were spool dimensions, etc. Maybe you could find additional info there, if you can find it back?


Concerning estimations of remaning material: I use the Cura-estimation as guide, and then just add some spare. Usually I manually unwind and straighten a bit of filament (the UM2 is sensitive to too much friction in the feeder traject), and since my prints rarely use more than 3 meters per print, this gives a good idea if I have enough.


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