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error how can i fix

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 I have a problem and do not know how to solve this problem 

After heating the printer stop moving and do not know what the reasons

and that is gcode

; info: M303 E0 S200 C8 ; Pid auto-tune


M140 S{material_bed_temperature}; Start heating up the base

G28 ; Home to top 3 endstops

; Autolevel and adjust first layer

; Adjust this value to fit your own printer! (positive is thicker)

; This default value is intentionally very high to accommodate the

; variety of print heads used with this printer. Many of you will

; need tiny values like Z0 or Z0.1. Use feeler gauges to dial this

; in as accurately as possible.

G29 Z10


; Squirt and wipe ;

M109 S220 ; Wait for the temp to hit 220

G00 X125 Y-60 Z0.1 ;

G92 E0 ;

G01 E25 F100 ; Extrude a little bit to replace oozage from auto levelling

G01 X90 Y-50 F6000 ;

G01 Z5 ;


; Set the extruder to the requested print temperature

M104 S{material_print_temperature}


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Well the M109 is the part where it heats the heater.  So the problem has to be after that line.


G00 is not a normal gcode.  It is normally "G0".  What kind of printer is this?  I would try changing all the G00 to G0 and change G01 to G1.  But maybe your printer likes this type of gcode.



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20 hours ago, dykwcpu said:


i understand the problem from move and linear but how can i fix this problem and Is it a mistake of installation or programming


Where does your gcode-snippet come from (it looks weird)? Is this the start script from Cura or something completely different?

In case of Cura: AFAIK Cura does not have a printer profile for anycubic kossel - how have you configured the printer?

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Hi dykwcpu,


"stops mid print" is slightly different from "stops during start" (or during heating)...? Can you describe a bit more elaborate what happens and when? Can you rule out hardware problems? Does the printer runs fine with gcode files from other slicers?


Your Cura start script contains several comments and fix temperatures. I assume you have already modified it for your specific needs

(it sounds like you have to do this anyway)?


If in doubt: Can you upload a complete gcode file that gives you problems - perhaps can someone else with an Anicubic Kossel have a look at it (although the probability is not that high - it's eventually the Ultimaker forum... ?)


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I will explain to you in detail the temperature I have 220 and 60 bed I do not know how much the appropriate temperature i need, character works well in terms of movement but my problem after heating would like to start printing when getting down on the bed stop and not printed and I selected simple forms is experimental but if there is anything you want to check it tell me what is The steps I am implementing to extract it for science This is the first printer I'm working on, I'm still beginning Is it possible to nominate me another forum to solve this problem. With Regards

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I have no clue about delta printers. It should be possible to upload your sample gcode file here. We could check if it contains something weird (or rule this out), but that's it.

Is there no support from the manufacturer or the reseller?


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