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On 7/31/2018 at 1:20 PM, kmanstudios said:






Well, that are truly dynamic poses! I like them. Mine look stiff in comparison.   :-)

Yeah, maybe that is the difference between an artist and a technician?


Can they still be printed well in scale 1:100?


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They slice nicely. I have not had the chance to test print them. Based off what I have printed before, I believe so. They just lay flat.


And, the idea was to compliment other styles. Keep in mind that not everything is dynamic. Since we are team building a catalogue to offer, they need to offer a range. Not just 'on the move' stuff.


I liked your submission very much. And, you tackled the hard stuff....3D. That was ballsy and good :)

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Personally, I am happy to be waiting for the results. I am currently changing out cores and materials just so that I can post a test print.

Whether I win or lose, I want the materials to be correct as this is going into a collection for people to use everywhere.

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All STL files you see printed here are updated for everybody's ease of printing. They are defaulted to 0.5mm Thick. The print above is scaled in the Z axis to 1mm thick.


One trick I used to get this to print the detail I did was to set my 0.4 Nozzle line width to 0.24mm. According to most folks, that is not a good idea, but worked. So, go figger, eh?


As soon a they dry, I will take pics of that and post them without the PVA brim. I will mount some on the platforms. I did not print platforms for every figure.


Wow. With the standard height, using the people set by UM at 14mm, these things are teeny, tiny.....




Edit: To get the updated files, just go here

And here are the pics of the prints and a few on the pedestal bases. Printed on an S5, 0.4 nozzle, TPLA white at standard settings. And time to get a new black board to photograph things on. Sorry for the damaged surface.




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Hi Everyone, 


Thank you all so much for your entries and not the least, your patience! 

It took us a little bit longer than usual (and intended) to evaluate all designs, but I'm happy to say we are ready now. 


@Stefania Dinea and I were again very pleased with the quality of entries and we're convinced they will be very helpful for many architects. Hopefully some of them will decide to share some pictures back of their work where they used some. 


Now, who are the lucky winners?

@kmanstudios , congratulations! You went above and beyond the requirements once again! You win 10 reels of filament ?

You have submitted a widely varying set of figurines which cover many environments. They are on scale, easy to print, dynamic and realistic. 


Number two:

This was really close, but @SarpSusuzer won the second prize! Congratulations! 

In our opinion, we thought your models might be a little bit thick, but this can easily be fixed in Cura or any other tool. We were also convinced they would look good in many architect projects. A lot to choose from. 


We would also like to thank @geert_2 and @ragav

@geert_2 , thank you for your contribution. It was a close call. We want to thank you for your detailed explanatory readme file that you added which gives extra valuable information when using the models. When a user is not very familiar with 3D printing yet, this could be the difference between a successful print and not so. Hopefully in future contests others will also include such guides. We also liked your models, but they seemed to just show a little bit less organic dynamics than kmanstudio's and SarpSusuzer's. 

@ragav , thank you for your contribution as well. You had some really original contributions but unfortunately we didn't see a buste of Dragonball Z's Goku appear in any architectural projects real quick. We definitively appreciate your input and we hope that in a future contest you will take the context at heart and join us again ?


Have a great day! 

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Thanks!! Admit it....it was the Pink Floyd piece that threw it into recognition....for all the Architects who have felt burned over their careers ?


But on a serious note, thanks. And, it has been a pleasure to work on something that will be a contribution to a community.

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15 hours ago, Raghav said:

Hello Ultimaker Team,


Are there any other contests to be held in future?


There's supposed to be a "structure" phase to complete the entourage collection, but it hasn't been launched yet...


By the time it does, I may actually have my own 3D printer, though I regret it won't be an Ultimaker - they're all too expensive for my budget.

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