Hi   1)So i got a brand new Ultimaker S5. But i have been noticing something unusual. S5 has a feature to pause the print if the spool is over. i had kept a print last night which had 1 hour 15 mins remaining. I woke up in the morning, expecting a neat and finished print on the build plate. But guess what, it said my filament spool was empty, however i had a full PLA filament spool. I selected continue printing, and it said 1hr 8 mins remains. This is the third time this happend in a week.  PS i turn off the lights of the room where my UMS5 is. whenever i dont turn lights off, it prints well. pretty strange.   2) so after the print starts, and few layers are printed, i selected TUNE. and decreased fan speed from 100% to 52%. left it for an hour, the print seemed to change its look after some more layers. i checked again, the fan was on 100% automatically. I again changed it to 52%, and after 10 mins or so, it was back to 100%. I think it brings it back to 100% after every time it switches the print cores.   Expecting some help from the community members.