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Prints are just terrible now.


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Posted · Prints are just terrible now.

Hello everyone, I am really hoping that someone can help me out with this.  I had minor issues that I was trying to fix before I upgraded my marlin to 1.1.8 on my CR-10S.  My issue at the time was little gaps in the prints, then I read an article speaking about the Infill Overlap so I changed that from 10% to 30% and that actually fixed my problem.  Finally, I am getting the prints that I wanted.  I then dared to see if the top layer could be as smooth as the bottom layer and I turned on ironing just to see what would happen.  That didn’t work out so I turned it off.  I remembered that I had read an article about someone trying the ironing feature and didn’t like it, so my conclusion was I didn’t like it either.

I then decided to upgrade my Marlin as I want to upgrade my hotend and also add my E3D to my printer.  Right now I am printing all the pieces that I need so I can do all my mods without trying to upgrade then find out that I am missing something.  While trying to print all the pieces I started seeing all of these issues with my prints.  I am getting a lot of stringing, when my print job is running I can hear the nozzle rubbing against the part that its printing after it gets to a few layers.  You can actually hear the nozzle rubbing against the part as it moves.  I only see the stringing if I am printing multiple parts at the same time, for one part there is no stringing that I can see.

At first I thought that my belt was loose, I adjusted and tightened the belt - well that didn't fix anything.  Then I thought my table wasn’t leveled, I leveled the ends, print jobs stayed the same nothing changed.  I then leveled the middle of the bed since all jobs are printed from the middle and not the ends of the table.  That didn’t change anything, still stuck trying to figure this out.


This is what I see that’s happening.  As the job is printing it looks like instead of the hotend going up as it prints a layer its coming down and rubbing against the layer it just printed, then it goes up and the routine stays the same.  I have attached two pics, one of a part that was printed before and after the marlin upgrade.  I even went back to stock settings with a profile to see if anything changed and it still prints the same.  I have ordered a piece of 12 x 12 glass for the bed and I should have it this weekend, but I really need to get this figured out.  The only parts in my profile that I normally change are the following and I do use a .6mm nozzle.

Print temperature initial layer 200 -> 210
Wall thickness 0.6 -> 1.2
Wall line count 1 -> 2
Infill before walls (checked)


Also, the jerking back and forth I don’t like as the table the printer is sitting on really rocks.  I don’t mess with the speed settings too much because I don’t understand them enough.
Can anyone offer some advice on what I should try?  I can’t believe that I went from good prints to headaches literally overnight.  I can’t blame the marlin upgrade as there has to be something else involved.  I followed this guide when making changes for the Marlin upgrade to 1.1.8


Appreciate any help from you folks, this is very time consuming and it's driving me nuts.





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