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Anyone used Add:north filament

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Has anyone tried add:north filaments?

Link: https://addnorth.com/en/shop


Since i'm a Swede I got a little extra curious cus I very much like the idea to support your local shops, (Country in this case).


I just bought an UM2+ and are a little short on cash plus I am getting tired of spending hundreds of dollars on filaments that don't meet resonable expectations.

So I thought I would ask all of you fine people in here for your opinion and experiences.



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So much for not buying and trying 😄 

Ordered 3 different rolls; X-PLA, PLA and PETG.


Guaranteed diameter variance ± 0.025 mm...First I've seen with that low tolerance.


Will get back with some pictures.

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I'm a bit ashamed for not getting back as I promised, at the time I was all in for printing, then life came in between 😄

I'm a bit split in my feeling, cant really decide if I'm to blame or if the filament isn't better.


Somehow I thought it felt really nice and smooth while printing, but ended up having to raise my multiplier to 1.05, but I still had some issues with blobs and I was hoping for more regarding surface quality.

I think that my nozzle got partially clogged during this time, probably because of ColorFabbs HT and nGen that I enthusiastically jumped to and from a bit to much, and then back to X-PLA. I ended up having to set my multiplier to 1.05 with all filaments.


Now I'm a bit more used to my printer and I am starting to test out each filament one by one, as you should do from the beginning 😜


Thats a lot of words for saying that I don't really know.


I ordered the Textura Flare samples as well, laying here beside me together with all other stuff 😄

Please get back with your experience!


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I hear you, 😉


Samples has been lying for a week, no time to test yet but I'll post the results. 

I'll try on a small piece with much curvature to see how well it behaves hiding the lines as they say. Will do one in PLA to compare with too.

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