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Does anyone know how to add tmc2130 drivers to umo+?

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As you may know, Trinamic stepper motor drivers are a lot quieter than the original A4988 drivers, so I ordered a few tmc2130 boards. I thought there was a tutorial to do this (here: 

 ) but that is for the UMO not the UMO+. So now I'm sitting at my desk with my umo+ and a few tmc2130 drivers... Does anyone know how to do this upgrade? Should I get a new board?

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Unless you are amazing with removing surface mount parts and have all the fancy equipment that can heat just one smt chip enough to melt the solder and remove it and are willing to solder dozens of tiny wires to tiny pins then you can't do it.


Much easier to buy a smoothie board and replace the whole controller.  


I think I saw some chinese umo+ PCBs that have removable steppers (socketed steppers) such that you can put in any stepper you want.  These are UM clones.  If you go that route buy 2 because I hear the quality control isn't great.  But the price is impressive.



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9 hours ago, halfie said:

Currently using one of the UM2 Clone PCB's on my system, and replaced the 4988's with 2100's. It runs flawlessly.


I had to change the mode to Spreadcycle, which is about 10% louder than the Stealthchop mode, but the noise difference is still incredible compared to the 4988.

You replaced all those SMD parts?


@gr5: Thanks for the info! I looked at eBay and Aliexpress but the only boards with sockets that I can find are RAMPS derivates. I could use one of those of course.


So then the options are:

  • Smoothieboard, but I'm having trouble finding out how to get a smoothieboard to connect with tmc2130's, and until the Smoothieboard 2 is out I can't buy a stock Smoothieboard with Trinamic drivers...
  • Duetwifi: I'm researching if a DuetWifi would work well, seems people are using those boards with ultimakers. And it comes with Trinamic drivers by default so that would be the easiest option.
  • Ramps: cheapest option, but a bit dated, not sure if it's really that bad.

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@MikeLindall sorry I should have mentioned, I use the socketed UM2 board. Look for ultimaker 2.1.5 on AliExpress.


It looks like they've been taken down though, so I think your best bet might actually be a 32 bit board like the DuetWifi. It's what I intend to switch over to in the long term, since my UM2 clone is now barely a UM2 any more from all the mods. 


I can't remember who put up a video on the process, I think it might be neotko, but it seems pretty straightforward, and has nothing but advantages

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