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Curly Burrs (stringing?) with Nylon

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After getting sick and tired of warping ABS I finally chucked it out the window put it in the bottom drawer.

So I built a little desiccant box, popped my Nylon spool in, and set out printing.

It's very strong, with little to no warping on all but the largest parts. However one persistent and regular issue is that near one corner of the print (though not wholly confined to there) appears large stringing/burls.


Some additional observations, it appears the plastic making up the burs drips out of the nozzle while the printer switches filaments and is printing supports.


What can I do in Cura to change this?



The pictures attached are of the aforementioned corner of the print where the problem is. Feel free to ignore the PVA (two different support settings were used, hence one print's support has a bulge and the other doesn't) and folded-back brim.



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Additional Observations

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25 minutes ago, kmanstudios said:

First thing I would try is to lower the temp.


Some of those little burs can be just popped off by rubbing a fingernail across it. But, those are bad ones you are showing.

Temperature is at 240C which iirc is pretty low for Nylon, should I go to 235?

I could pop them off just by blowing, but it is a production part, and I am supposed to make it look pretty 


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