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Question for layer height setting


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Posted · Question for layer height setting

Hi. Hope you are well.


Firstly, as one of the Cura user, I really appreciate the Ultimaker distributing the slicer program for free.


I have a question about layer height settings.

Recently, I printed Moai statues. (layer height: 0.05 mm / 0.2 mm)

As you can see from the picture I attached,

They show different surface texture.

I liked the surface of 0.2 mm but its top surface was not good

because of the too low surface angle and layer height setting.


So.. what I want to ask is…

As like we can set the existence of supports by support overhang angle setting,

I want to set layer height can be changed automatically as the lowest surface angle of the layer.

I expect that this setting can be a help to increase printing quality with affordable printing time.


Although I don’t know whether it is possible or not

because I don’t know about slicer programming at all,

but I hope you will let me know if there is any possible way to set this kind of setting.


Thank you very much.


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    Posted · Question for layer height setting

    Hi @imergine and welcome to the forums.

    There are settings in Cura for what you have asked. You can set the support overhang angle in the support section (don't forget to make the respective settings visible in Cura's settings area):



    Then under "Support", change the "Support Overhang Angle".


    Btw. play with "gradual infill steps" and "enable support interface" -> "enable support roof".



    As for dynamic layer height (called adaptive layers), find it in the "experimental" area:



    After slicing, don't forget to switch to "layer view" and select "layer thickness" to see changes in layer height.

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    Posted · Question for layer height setting

    Hi, again!!


    As your advice, I set an adaptive layers setting and I felt that it is a really good option.


    It could reduce printing time obviously,


    and it keeps the similar printing quality with 0.05 mm prints.



    I am so sorry but there is one more thing that I want to ask.


    I felt that the flow rate of the extruder is proportionally decreased


    as the amount of the decreased layer height.


    In my case, it is a little too much,


    and I felt that it causes surface roughness and surface color difference.



    So, I want to ask about a flow rate reduction ratio(%) adjustment option for the adaptive layer setting.


    I think it will be different with the existing flow rate option because the flow rate of 0.2 mm layer is OK.


    (For example)



    I will really appreciate if you kindly let me know about it.


    Thank you very much!!


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