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Picture of installed BB printcore Ultimaker 3 extended

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Hello, we recently changed the BB printcore. While removing the old one, a spring appeared from the top which is directly in the way of mounting. The spring can be pushed upwards with the lever and then with releasing the lever the printcore can be mounted the way that the spring pushes on top of it. But if I see videos changing the BB printcore, it's much easier and without using the lever.

Could anyone post a photo which shows the top of the BB printcore installed? Or give me a hint, what to do with this spring?

Greetings and have a good evening!


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OK I found a picture of a print heat with an empty BB print core slot on this website:


There I can't see any spring on the upper part. I will post a photo of our situation and try to get that spring somehow placed to where it should belong.

I would be happy for any hint about this issue!

Thanks and have a nice day!




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Hi @OliverO and welcome to the boards. Though I do not have a pic about your issue, I did notice the tape.


Did something happen to the fan bracket? I ask because the tape you are using covers a lot of the surface and prevents a lot of airflow over through the nozzles.


If you are looking for something to help hold it in place until you can get it to do so on its own, take a look at this:



I bent mine a bit out of shape a while back and it required something to help. I hope you can find this useful if you are having issues with the fan guard not staying in place.


And, @fbrc8-erin has always had amazing  stuff to offer. I would definitely go looking through their website for all sorts of goodies to learn.

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@kmanstudios: many thanks for the nice welcome and your message! And sorry for the misleading photo. The photo that I posted above doesn't show our device but it is the photo that I found in the fbr8.zendesk link about packing the device for shipping.


In the meantime I found another thread that might help to figure out the correct assembly of the head with the spring:



erin? sounds like the department I'm working in ;-)



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OK...we reassembled the spring with the moving parts and thanks to the support documentation of Erin you can find here, it's very easy to remove the printhead and disassemble everything. The spring fit very well in its original position and with a little care it was easy to reassemble everything again. It might be of advantage, if you have a helping hand doing this ?


Below you find the pictures of our manipulation.


Now, there is another issue, because the brand-new BB printcore is not recognised by the device. If we place another AA printcore, then it works...but it should be a BB of course...we'll try to figure out how to solve this.








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Good morning Erin,

yes, in fact the PCB board seems to work, because if I install another printcore, this is recognised without any problem.

We are thinking about have a little stock of replacement parts (like nozzle covers, springs, printcores) and a second device in order to have a back-up available during maintenance and repair periods.

Greetings from Luxembourg!


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