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Da Clumsy Noob goes Prehistoric!!


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Posted (edited) · Da Clumsy Noob goes Prehistoric!!

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend

He's my one boy cuddly toy,

My up 'n down, my pride an joy

Whether we're printing lots of stuff

Or just having lots of fun......


Apologies to Harry Nilsson



Ok,. this project actually started years ago. I first made this as a thing to show people doing what is called 'Match Moving'. It is just where you take a piece of camera footage and then mix in some 3D. Did it to show my students in the way back machine. You can view it here.


Open the door, get on the floor

Everybody walk the dinosaur......


Then, the  school I taught at was just getting into 3D printing. I mean way back when the makerbot first came out. So, that gives you an idea of how long ago.


Anyway, I decided to take the animation for the Allosaurus and 'freeze' a frame of it walking to make a mesh.

Long story short, they were not up to the task to print it. And, I did not have a voxel sculpting program at the time and Mudbox was not good enough to really make it work.


Flash forward a millenia later and here we are finally realizing the actual idea. This image shows the Allosaurus in the S5. I maxed out the build space by angling the tail to the bottom, left, back corner and the head to the top, upper, right corner. This gave a final tail to snout length of 19.5 inches (495.3 mm). It took 6 days to print. You can see that I built a scaffold of TPLA to use so that I did not eat up too much PVA. The Dino is in UM White TPLA and I love that stuff. It printed like a dream. And, nowhere near as fragile as regular PLA. The Juvenile Brachiosaurus goes with this as well as it is part of a larger, 1 meter diorama of Jurassic Drama ? The scaffold did not have to look pretty and made it only one wall thick and very little infill. At this size, trying to use not too much of the materials at hand becomes a must.



This is the full length shot once I got the PVA and scaffold off it. Sadly, the Dino is a newborn and piddled a little bit when shooting pics......He got excited too ?



 This was the only place to see any sort of layer lines in this print. The teeth are not much bigger than the letters on a USD Quarter......Mmmmmmm,. George Washington makes good eats ? Nom nom nom.....



Looka dat eye folk!! Zowie kapowie!!



No layer lines anywhere else on this one though. I am so thrilled that I do not have to worry about this and can just go straight to painting on this beastie.... ?




Just a few super tiny strings here and there that I can hit with a heat gun and they will all be gone. Most of that is just very sparse.


I was impressed that the S5 could hold the detail on such a large object. Now to just get the rest of the Diorama put together. I have juvenile Stegosaurii , cicads and Siderops and all sorts of other goodies to go in this thing. And, the TPLA is really, really nice to print with. Just basic settings at 0.1mm ;ayer height with things changed like supports and stuff. All real print settings did not get changed.


But for now, I was just so happy to get this done ?


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Posted · Da Clumsy Noob goes Prehistoric!!

Thanks ? I will definitely do a post on the diorama kinda like how I did the one on the bat. I am doing some weird stuff with the way I am printing as well as the post processing. ?


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    Posted · Da Clumsy Noob goes Prehistoric!!

    Thanks for sharing, looks amazing. Looking forward on those weird printing stuff and post processing. I still cant get over Batty ?



    Now I wish I have an S5 ?

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    Posted · Da Clumsy Noob goes Prehistoric!!

    Batty shall return soon in his original intended design. :) And, yeah, there are a couple of other things I am working on for "Da Clumsy Noob" series along the first batty post. The Ginormous Jurassic Dioprmama being one of them. The problem with things of that size is space to work on them, so it goes in spurts. But that is coming.

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