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Can't see bottom of dropdown menu - Make Printable Tool

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to adjust my settings or UI to see the bottom of the menu for the Make Printable Tool Add On.(see pic)

If I add any more Add Ons to this tool bar, the Fix Model Dropdown items will get more hidden at the bottom of my screen.

I have updated all my drivers and have Cura 3.4.1


I have Windows 7 Home Premium

Toshiba L755 Laptop


Any help would be appreciated.



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Oh god.  I feel your pain.  But my first second and third thoughts are "get a real computer".  I know this is very unhelpful and may feel mean but seriously:  Get a real computer.  Sorry.  Your current display is designed for widescreen movies.  Not work.


On to a solution however.  windows has all kinds of things to help with this but they are a pain. You can set up a virtual display.  so you can tell windows that even though your display is only 800 pixels high - pretend it's 2000 pixels high.  Then you can move the mouse (or use two finger panning if you have a touch screen) to the very top or very bottom and keep going to pan around.  This will solve your issue.  Google it.


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gr5- It's funny you say that. My son just said "Dad, haven't you had this computer since I was born."

He's 8 years old now:)

The sad part is all 4 of my sons have gone through at least 2 computers that have crashed and burned in the time this one is still rocking along. My youngest's brand new laptops hard drive just disappeared today.


obewan- Thanks ,that worked.

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