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Layers wont stick

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  • Cover the printer completely - you want the air temp to get much higher.  Around 35C is good enough and still safe for the steppers.
  • Make sure fan is at the lowest value where it still spins (1 to 3% for a UM3, around 30% for a UM2 and so on).
  • Nylon absorbs water from the air crazy easily.  You might have to bake yours at 100C for a while but it looks okay - if it's totally too wet it will his and sputter and sizzle as it prints.  But there is a point in between where it's quiet but it comes out foamy instead of normal.  It looks fine in the picture though (hard to tell).
  • Bed at 80C minimum - more to heat the air then the nylon.  100C bed is fine for nylon also.
  • Layer heights at least 0.1mm.  0.15 better - that way there is more thermal mass to melt the layer below.


Even if the cracks go away you might not have improved adhesion enough.  Purposely break a part and if it breaks along layer lines you still don't have good adhesion - it should break along random lines - not layer lines - if you do nylon right.  Actually a part this small - you probably won't be able to break it without some special tools so if it doesn't break despite your best abuse it's probably fine.

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