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Sporadic layer shifting

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I can see from time to time a single or sometimes a second layer shift on my objects. The rest of the print is quite fine without any problems and look pretty good. The layer shift is not only in Y axis, it is also "feelable" in the X axis, but not so present than in Y.


Here is picture what I mean:



There is a second shift in the upper, but it is only noticeable on the picture now, I haven't seen it before.



I checked the belts and they are fine in my opinion. I think if there is something mechanical wrong, than I would have this issue more often.


Can it be a problem of the slicer (Cura)? I can check it in layer view, but haven't done it yet, but I am not sure if I would see such a small shift.


What else could cause this shift, any ideas?


Thanks a lot!

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Thanks, I will check it in the evening, I only checked the belts so far.


But I have checked the layer view in Cura now and found something interesting. Not sure if it is really a failure in slicing or only an artifact when looking on the model, but there are also these shifts:



But they are only noticeable when looking from a specific angle in Cura and also only when zoomed in high enough. So probable just a display issue in Cura and not in the GCode, but how knows.

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This was a iPad stand from Thingiverse, I will do some tests this evening with a simple object from Fusion 360, then I will see whats going on.


From time to time, I have this misalignments on single layers, but haven't checked it deeply. Most of the misalignments are always in the layer where also some other things happens, i.e. begin of a round corner, the end of another wall, ..... So maybe this is really a slicing issue and not a hardware issue.

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