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PVA extruder clogged - cannot unload

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Depends where the filament is broken.

If it's broken inside the Bowden tube, simply remove the Bowden tube on the print head. If it is broken inside the feeder, open the feeder (check https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50859-clean-the-feeders for this).

If it is broken inside the print head or even inside the print core the only way is to push it through. For this, move the print head to a corner, remove the Bowden tube on the print head, heat the core up and push from the top with some filament. If it is completely stuck, take a thin needle and push from the bottom (be careful not to burn your fingers as liquid plastic could suddenly come out of the nozzle. If this doesn't work as well, I recommend to replace the core.

The origin of the clog could be a lot of things including a small piece of dust picked up with the filament.

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Thanks, the filament was broken at the feeder motor. The extruder was clogged so the motor wheel had chewed through the filament. I figured out how to remove the Bowden tubes and then the filament. Then went ahead and pushed some filament through to unclog the extruder. Was using the PVA in that extruder and learned that it will "cook" and clog. Extruder temp was set at 200 so I lowered to 195 and am waiting to see if that may help with it cooking and becoming clogged. Have you had any experience with the PVA clogging extruders and how did you solve?

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