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Add thickness to walls...?

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Posted · Add thickness to walls...?

Hello to all! I am NEW to the 3D printing world and have read a lot so far and I have not even got my 3D printer yet!!


I have taken a 2D logo into an app and created a SVG file. Then into Blender to extrude it and turn it into a mesh object and save it as a STL. All good so far.


When I bring it into Cura and place a block under it and slice it, only the block has slices. So it seems to be while the imported 3d model has walls I am thinking that they have no width and thus can't be sliced. My question is then, how to I add thickness to something like this. I know it is not something that Cura would do but I am open to try other apps.


The logo when I bring it in has thickness in the letters and other graphics.. Might be something real easy but again I am at the noob stage.


Thanks for any and all help. (The logo I am working with is attached from a screen grab, the original is better quality)




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Posted · Add thickness to walls...?

Hi @AevnsGrandpa, be welcome to 3d printing!!

I supose that those thin lines (letters and map) are not wide enough to deal with a standart 0.4mm nozzle. Try to scale up the model and double check in Cura preview if you can see those thin parts sliced... website adress will be very difficult to do if you doesn't scale up to at least 150mm diagonal... maybe a bit more. If you still need help post a photo of preview and I or someone else can analyse for you. 



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