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ZProbe Outside Bed??????

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I printed a design almost perfectly but thought I could improve on it so I changed a setting in Cura 15 (which I stupidly didn't write down so I don't remember what it was!). Now I can't print ANYthing! I have calibrated the z axis, measured the filament extrusion to see that it's correct and nothing seems to help. It's almost like it will not get closer to the bed. I've tried M212 Z-0.04 and I get "ZProbe outside bed"  No matter what I input for the Z I get that error and it will not print! Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? please.....

2018-09-24 10.45.58.jpg

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Two things:

1) All gcode files created by Cura 15.* have all the settings stored at the bottom of the file.  Cura has a wonderful feature called "load profile from gcode" in the file menu.  So find an old working gcode file and load the profile from that.


2) I suspect this is not a cura issue.  I could be wrong.  It is more likely a problem with data transfer to the arduino.  If you print through USB then I suspect the USB cable.  If you print through SD card then I suspect the SD card or the SD card reader has dirt in it (that happened to me - a hair in the SD card reader).


Is it possibly you changed something in machine settings (in cura)?  If so then that won't get set back to the way it was if you load a profile.  I suggest you print an old gcode file that you know works for sure and if I'm right (#2 above) it will also fail to print.

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