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Profiles for Colorfabb's Bronzefill family of filaments?

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Posted · Profiles for Colorfabb's Bronzefill family of filaments?

I've got test lengths of Colorfabb's ###fill series - bronze, copper, steel, wood, cork, brass and glow.


I know thay some of these are very tricky to print with, but I just want to print out small test items to allow clients to get a sense of what the different surface finishes are like.


I could print on either a UM2 or UM3. I have found the basic print settings which are advised for each of these.


Cura doesn't seem to offer specific profiles for these filaments, but do these exist in a form which could be imported into Cura? If not, what's the best way forward?


Currently, I.m thinking of creating individual material profiles for each filament within Preferences, then using Print Setup to create profiles with more subtle settings such as print flow rates.


Does that make sense? Or am I missing something in Cura where all this can be setup more simply?


Finally, if I go with my UM3, I will be very careful to keep the printcore clean.


Do any of you have any wider advice based on experience of printing with these filaments?

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Posted · Profiles for Colorfabb's Bronzefill family of filaments?

Just for information, using my UM3, I've had decent results for Bronzefill and Copperfill, using fairly simple 90 minute designs. I used the PLA defaults with slight tweaks. Brassfill was unfriendly. I almost had to use a hammer to get the print off the printbase. In the course of doing this, the print fractured in several places.Then the unused filament refused to unload itself, and snapped when I used pliers to try pulling it out of the Bowden tube, so I was left with a totally blocked tube. To be fair to Colorfabb, they do indicate that Brassfill is a work in progress, which has particular problems with the wider Ultimaker filament standards.



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