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First layer suddenly not printing properly

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I've been printing alot with my Anet A6. Upgrades, upgrades and more upgrades.

They went very well until I needed to replace the filament, I tried to do that whilest the printer was printing, bad idea. Things went wrong big time and when I finally got the filament in the nozzle again the printer wasn't printing properly anymore. The nozzle slammed into the sticker on the printbed a few times, pushing the heatbed down with full force.


I've replaced the nozzle, because the .4mm hole was C shaped, the shoulder piece of the printer (I slammed it) and the heatbed stickers.

I calibrated the printer by autohoming, lowering the Z axis until a piece of paper was tight and then entering that value as the new Z-offset.

That didn't work out as expected, so I started to print dry, leaving the filament outside of the printhead. Using that method I reached the paper tightness I wanted.


I felt like my printer was going to print again!


However, 4 or 5 hours later, I was proved wrong.


When printing something, the Cura adhesion improvement layers start at the outside and slowly move to the inwards. When moving to the inside more and more, the layers start to curl and bend and when continuing to print, they come lose from the heatbed and the nozzle will drag the already printed parts everywhere.


I've tried various things, add hairspray to the heatbed, recalibrate the nozzle distance, in- and decreasing the nozzle and heatbed temperatures by 5 and 10 degrees, decreasing the print speed, reslicing the model.


I am litterally about to throw the damn thing out of my window.


Could anybody help me?











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I've recalibrated it and it seems to be a bit better.

I tried 185 degrees for the nozzle and 60 degrees for the bed, printed using Pronterface instead of the SD card


A few weeks ago, I also noticed that my heatbed springs are not optimal so I ordered new ones and I expect them to arrive in a week or so.


I started to print something for the 8th time today, and it kind off worked.

When the first layer is good and doesn't warp, until know (knock on wood) the printing goes fine!


Do you have any future tips for calibrating the printer? I need to do that when the new heatbed screws arrive



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Generally you want to have the first layer stick very well to the bed, so normally the first layer is printed without fans and sometimes hotter. Your 185° seems quite low, but depends on the filament you are using.


Do you level your bed at three points? (middle back, left/right front) And how do you level it? With a sheet of paper and turn the screws until you feel a little bit resistance when you move the sheet?


You should also make sure your bed surface is flat, maybe your build tak or whatever you are using, is not flat anymore. Then clean the surface with alcohol.


You can also print a skirt with your objects and when printing the skirt, turn the bed level screws a little bit, the the layer is fine everywhere. Can help but if you level very carefully before, then this should be enough. And think about, that every time you remove your bed, glass, plate whatever, you have to feel the bed again.

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I spoke to soon! Serial connection to the printer got lost and the printing stopped. 😭

I am using PLA and the new print (and the one that lost it's connection) used 205 degrees at the nozzle and 50 at the bed.


I am printing from the SD card right now, that print that went wrong was the first and last Serial print for me.

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