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UM2 parts & upgrade

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Hi everyone,



So i have had my UM2 for a while now, and was very happy with it. Recently i had to change the PTFE , as i was getting a lot of extrusion issues all the sudden.  In the process of trying to get back to printing, i ended up accidentally breaking off the temp sensor and heater element... on top of that the Coupler also broke when i was trying to remove the nozzle. 



Now i am looking everywhere for parts, and most part i see are for UM2+, but i have the original UM2.  i am in the US and most of the parts I found ship from china which takes a long time, and I am not sure if i can trust them. 

I do not have a big budget, but i do need t get back to printing ASAP. 


I have seen many "upgrade kits" but i dont know if they are worth it?  

I just need simple parts, like the sensor, heater, and couple... possibly a new nozzle. (i dont mind upgrading the nozzle to olsson) 


Any suggestions on what to do and where to get parts fast at reasonable prices would be great.  Should i upgrade the whole thing? or is there a place i can just get the parts i need quickly? 




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Original parts are not as cheap as the ones from China, but you have the guarantee that they will really fit and work. China parts can work, but must not, so it is lucky game what you get.


You can also check https://thegr5store.com/store/ or 3DSolex if you find something that fits better your budget.

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Agree with @Smithy, avoid chinese parts and keep your printer reliable. 

Fbrc8 and gr5 also provide some awesome support every time I bought from them.


I am using the 3dSolex block and mathless nozzles for about 10 months and I recommend.

I got this one and it works pretty good:




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Thank you everyone,


I have finally got the printer to work...  



Is there any real way to use UM2 with double extrusion? I see the board has the support and etc... but I wasn't able to find anything online that would confirm this can actually work. 


Is this possible to do?  I would love to print with PVA as support material. 


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I designed a prototype in order to upgrade the ultimaker 2 and 2go. the Dual-Balance
You can find informations about it onb www.6maker.com
My solution is not perfect but it works well!
At the moment, I'm trying to find people to test my design and to tell me what is good or what is perfectible ?

If you wish, we can work together to upgrade your printer?

Have a good day.






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This looks great.  


First question is, is this actually an automated, double nozzle solution? or is it more for situations where you pause the print, change filament, and continue?




Ide love to collaborate with you if it's the former, as my goal is not to have multi-color prints, but to use water solvable material for the support structure. 



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