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autolevel with a thicker tray

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Posted · autolevel with a thicker tray

I don't know but it's probably either one of two reasons:

1) It's measuring capacitance.  The farther away the two plates are (the metal plate below the glass and the plate in the bottom of the print head) the lower the capacitance which gets harder to measure as it gets lower.  In other words it's less sensitive the farther away it is.

2) More likely though it's the software sees that the amount of capacitance is lower than expected and assumes something went wrong (filament stuck on the tip of the nozzle or you left the old print on the bed and it's hitting that.


More importantly I recommend you don't do autolevel.  Manual leveling is more precise and you only have to do it once or twice and it stays perfect for months.  Or even better, level on the fly when the print starts out by looking at the shape of the skirt or brim.  Do this for a few prints and then forget about it as it won't change.

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