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Cura displays object outside the print area

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I have a problem with Cura 12.11 when trying to import a STL file that was created with Google Sketchup (if this is relevant).

Everytime I import it into Cura, it is displayed in a very small model scale (0.00x or so) and barely visible on the printing area (i.e. the blue tape area of the z stage).

When I enlarge the object it "escapes" from the area, i.e. the larger I make it, the more it escapes into the bottom left direction and is placed outside the area, even not visible when choosing the model scale "1".

Starting the "prepare print" function does not work, as Cura either produces lots of errors in the gcode or claims to be unable to start the process.

Trying to open the file in Tinkercad results in a damaged file with lots of recesses and incisions in the surface.

Does anyone has a solution for that?


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I also use Sketchup for making my models and it does have some problems. The main one is it can't really handle single or sub-millimeter distances. The core code is designed for (american) buildings and can't reliably go below 1/16". If you are doing very small or accurate models it may be that the STL files are being corrupted when exported from Sketchup.

What I do is create all my models in Sketchup using meters instead of millimeters i.e. if I want a 20mm cube I create it as a 20m cube. This way Sketchup can handle sub millimeters (as it thinks they are actually 1000x bigger) and you don't get rounding errors that prevent things lining up. When you export it, do so as Meters as well. The STL file format does not contain the units info - just the values. So my 20m cube just comes out as '20'. When Cura opens the file it assumes I meant millimeters and everything fits perfectly.

If you already have some models, just select everything and use Scale to scale it up by 1000. Then save it again and export as Meters.


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I reached a higher level on confusion :???:

Now, with Cura 13, I can position the object on the printing area.

I tried this out with a dae file (Export from Sketchup) as well with the original stl file.

With both objects, Cura showed me a "0 minutes 0 meter o gram" printing time resp. PLA use.

To be on the save side, I converted it into gcode at let my printer work... and actually, he printed nothing, as shown in Cura.

What might be a workaround for that?


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There are 1000 ways to upload a sketchup file to the internet. Here are a few that come to mind:

1) If you have a website you can put it there. If you have an ISP they usually give you at least one free website.

2) You can download dropbox (free up to 5GB) put it in one the "public" directory and tell dropbox you want to share and post the share link.

3) You can upload it to thingiverse or youmagine but make sure you mention that the model doesn't work yet.

4) There are thousands of wonderful, free sites that let you create good quality free web content: facebook, google, geocities, myspace, wordpress, blogger.com, weebly...

This is a LIFE SKILL. Like learning to use email. Like being a fast typer. Like using a text editor. Learn how to do this once and it will be useful for the rest of your life.


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By the way you probably don't understand CURAs limitations. All "solids" must be completely enclosed - no holes. So for example if you print a cube it must have 6 sides. If it has a little opening in it Cura (by default) will discard that object. There are some checkboxes in "fix horrible" section of cura advanced options to get around this.


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