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Excellent site but I have a photo question

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Technically speaking this site is a breeze to use.  I have limited forum experience and the ease of use is welcome.  However, when I add photos to the text they sometimes end up being entered twice, once where I want them, and again at the end of the post.  I even have photos show up that I have deleted.  What am I doing wrong?  See my last response in this post for an example.  I had deleted the picture of the horse's ear altogether. 


Thanks ahead of time.

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Hi, sorry for my late response. I must have missed the tag. 

First of all, thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to hear you enjoy using our community site. 


When following the link from @TwoDrunkOwls I don't think I saw the photo of the horse's ear. Can you point me to it?

But I am familiar with the bug. As far as I know, that specific bug has not been solved yet. If you can help me reproduce it that would be of great help and hopefully it can be fixed. Luckily, in my experience, it only pops up rather rarely. 

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All photos below TRUST IN GOD BUT KEEP YOUR POWDER PVA DRY!  line in my last post (dated November 9) in that thread were not put there by me.  The fourth photo down is a close up of the horse's left ear.  I had deleted that photo altogether.


Let me know if you need any more info, or if you wish me to add photos to this thread to test things out.


Thanks for your time,



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Regarding photos in general and a being a photo enthusiast, I think the one thing I preferred about the old forum was the photo/pictures area. The one on this forum is weird and useless. It made it easier looking through models before now you have to know a particular thread or where the pictures were that you saw in the first place. sad face.

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1 hour ago, cloakfiend said:

now you have to know a particular thread or where the pictures were that you saw in the first place.

Not in my experience. Noting that browser choice can be an influence, but I think not so far from what I am about to show though....


1. Choose 'Insert other media."



2. Choose "Insert existing attachment."



3. Dialogue box pops up with attachments in chronological order, starting from last to first posted images.



Unless I am missing something, but this is how I have used it when reposting an image in another thread to illustrate an idea.

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I found that the most stable way to insert photos is by first making enough place by typing returns. This is important. Then drag and drop a JPG-file from the Windows Explorer into the desired empty line. Make new empty lines as required before dragging the next pictures into your post.


For already existing pictures, first put the cursor at the desired location, then make enough empty lines, and then insert the pictures one by one. Inserting multiple pictures at the same time also works, but then it becomes difficult to separate them later on, to type text in-between. You can not position the cursor at the beginning or end of the line, and type returns. You need to click on the image so it is selected, then press the "End" key on your keyboard, and then type "Return". And even that sometimes fails.


This is when using Windows 7 as OS and an up-to-date Pale Moon as browser (Pale Moon is a Firefox derivation that kept the old-style menu's and statusbar). Phenomena might be different on other systems of course.


If you first include the photos at the bottom, and then try to move them to the desired location, things often mess up: duplicate photos, stuck (undeletable) photos, etc...


Also, if you do not make room before by typing returns, and if you insert lots of photos by dragging and dropping at once, things sometimes mess up too.


Also inserting emoticons - these are pictures too - messes up things. After typing the characters ": - )" (but without the spaces and quotation marks) then the cursor does not work anymore. And often when I start typing somewhere, the cursor jumps to another totally random location and starts typing there. Positioning the cursor in the correct place again with the mouse does not help, it keeps jumping away.


So there definitely is a bug in picture- and emoticon-handling. But it can somewhat be circumvented by careful dragging and dropping, and by totally avoiding emoticons. The problem seems to be related to the auto-save or auto-upload function of the message, because the problems often start at the moment of that auto-save.


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