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End of job behavior

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Posted · End of job behavior

Hi to all


I really like the cura connect application, specially using a VPN to have a view on the prints ongoing on my UM3Es.


But the fact that at end of the job the build plate is lowered down is very annoying (to be polite ...), as you have no more view of the print from the camera.


I am operating 24 hours the printer and I like to be able when waking up on the morning to check if the prints done during the night are good without going to my office.


i have another printer using a Duet3d board and it is very simple to do so as the build plate just go down 10 mm and the head home X/Y, so the print stays in the camera field.


Is there a way to tweak the firmware to do so?


Thanks for your feedback


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    Posted · End of job behavior

    Hi David, 


    I am glad to hear that you enjoy our Cura Connect application. 


    Unfortunately we try to avoid tweaking of the firmware in order to be able to service your machine when you run into problems.


    Your feedback does makes sense thought, but I would like to know a bit more about your situation if I may (get into the context and whatnot)

    Could you tell me how an image of the end results (Completed or not) impacts your actions when you are not in the office? Does an incomplete print job makes you rush to the office earlier in order to restart it? Do you have a colleague fix it for you? or do you just like to know what to expect when you finally get there?


    We have been playing around with the idea of a snapshot of the finished product or even a Timelapse of the proces, but have not worked on creating these features yet. I would be happy to hear your thoughts about what information you would need to improve your workflow.


    Kind regards




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    Posted · End of job behavior

    Hi Roderick


    First, I am providing 3D Print Services on B2B and B2C, so I try to operate my printers 24 by 7 or so.


    For the moment, I am working alone, so I don't always go directly to my office before any meeting (my offices are 20 km away from home).

    When I have critical jobs (deadline or touchy prints) I like to have a view of the complete print to decide if I change my plan and rush to my office to fix the problem.


    So basically, my need is a view of the final product to take a decision on a reprint or fix.


    For sure, a snapshot of the part or a timelapse, even if all the finest details won't appear, would be a good solution.


    It would avoid me investing in additional network cameras (and switches, fixtures, ....) to have the feature.


    Thanks for you help


    Kind regards


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    Posted · End of job behavior

    I agree it's a pain not being able to easily adjust firmware behavior, specially compared to the super easy Duet3D...

    I solved the issue cheaply with a raspberry pi, a few webcams mounted over the printers and the use of motion eye. You can add multiple cameras to one Pi.

    Sure it takes some afford, but only once, and it will not get messed up every firmware update



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    Posted · End of job behavior

    Hi Ultiarjan


    Yes, that's one good option, but needs some investments and when you have covers on the UM3, there is not much room for external camera inside. Use of surveillance cameras is also a good option, as you don't need a Raspberry PI + VPN to access your cameras.


    As there is already cameras, web server implemented in Cura Connect and UM3, it is also easy to implement at least a pause in the end job process or best, one of the option suggested by Roderick.


    Given the price of the Ultimaker printer, having a view of the complete print shouldn't be an option, but part of the standard package.

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