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thick corners & dimensions

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Posted · thick corners & dimensions

Hi all 😃




I have not found anything in the forum, should there be a similar post, please tell the link...


have big problems with the printed dimensions...


Ultimaker 5s

Pla Black Ultimaker

normal standard settings: 0.15mm / 45mm/s

(do not want to reduce the speed)


Tested part: square 20x20mm and 10mm & circle 20mm and 10mm

  • big corners: (square)
    should be 20mm, the middle part of the square is 20mm and if I measure the corners too, the dimensions are 20.2mm
  • holes: (circle & square)
    should be 10mm, are 9.75mm
    (slicing tolerance & horizontal expansion doesn't work for this problem, because it changes also the external dimensions but they were ok except corners)






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    Posted · thick corners & dimensions

    There are a lot of threads regarding your issues, which is a common issue when printing with default settings.


    You can try these settings, to get better results:

    Additionally, try these settings:

    Line width: 0.4
    Wall thickness: 1.2
    Top/Bottom thickness: 1.2
    Speeds: 40
    Jerks: 20
    Horizontal expansion: -0.03
    walls: 3


    That holes are smaller is normal, there are no settings to compensate that. You have to make holes bigger in your CAD software or drill them out after printing.


    It also helps to use for all speed settings, the same speed. Means set infill, inner/outer wall and so on, all to the same speed (should be 6 values)


    And ofc printing slower helps also...

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    Posted · thick corners & dimensions

    Try to turn off jerk and acceleration control, this should help with the corners. The downside of turning off is, that you could get some ringing on the side after the corner (direction change) due to higher vibrations, but test it. 


    And keep the speed at 30mm/sec for these tests.



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    Posted · thick corners & dimensions

    Big corners: Printing outer wall before inner walls and walls before infill can both help with dimensional accuracy. Also print as cool as possible. Do not forget that even if your extrusion looks OK, the printer is slowing down as it goes into the corner and then accelerating away, if you are hotter than you need to be then you could be getting slight over-extrusion at the corners increasing the dimension. Go as cool as you can until you see under extrusion then add 5 degrees. As @Smithy says the slower you go the better it will be. If dimensional accuracy is important for me on a job then I will never go faster than 30mm/s.

    You are 200 microns out and you should be able to hit a maximum of 50 microns, especially with a nice new 5S 🙂

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    Posted · thick corners & dimensions

    Hi @Smithy

    hi @yellowshark


    i tested now:

    Width of the outer wall lines 0.5

    Width of the inner wall lines 0.3

    everything is well merged


    the diameters were quite ok with 30mm/s (PLA & pla tough) only the round inner diameter is 0.15 to small but that’s like Smithy said to make bigger in the CAD.


    But now I have the problem with z seam and minor bumps on the sides with nylon black.


    I have to continue testing 😉


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    Posted · thick corners & dimensions
    12 hours ago, liba said:

    I have to continue testing 😉

    To test and "learn" your printer, you should use only one material. Every material is different and new material needs a lot of testing and tinkering until you find the best settings for your object. Later when you are more familiar with the needed settings you can change easily the material and adjust the needed settings.


    12 hours ago, liba said:

    But now I have the problem with z seam and minor bumps on the sides with nylon black.

    I haven't printed nylon yet, so I cannot give you any advise.

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