As many of you noticed, the Cura 4.0 beta was released with most plugins missing from the Marketplace. Due to changes in Cura, all plugins need to be resubmitted to Ultimaker (again), and they need to be approved by Ultimaker before they are available for download in the Marketplace. I submitted a set of plugins before the launch of the beta, but have not heard back on any of them. This does not surprise me much; afterall the launch is often a hectic process, and the holidays followed shortly after.   Because I'm getting questions where my plugins are, here's a list of prerelease downloads. You can download these files and drag/drop them in a running instance of Cura. You need to restart Cura when you're done. Note: these plugins have not yet been vetted by Ultimaker. Consider them beta software, and please share your feedback. Functionally they should be exactly the same as their 3.x counterparts. ZOffset: Version in Titlebar: Printer Settings: Mesh Tools: Linear Advance:   There are three notable absent plugins here: Compact Prepare Sidebar, Autoslice Toggle Switch and OctoPrint Connection. The former two will not be updated for Cura 4.0, because their concept and implementation are not compatible with the new Cura 4.0 UI. I am working on a new plugin though which can be seen as the spiritual successor to the Compact Prepare Sidebar plugin and may contain the Autoslude Toggle Switch as part of it.   Last, but certainly not least, the OctoPrint Connection plugin. I have a version of that plugin which works fine with the Cura 4.0 beta. However, since the beta has been launched there have been changes to Cura that would cause the plugin to crash Cura. So if you install the plugin for Cura 4.0 beta, and then upgrade to Cura 4.0 beta 2 or the stable version of Cura 4.0, Cura will no longer launch. Rest assured, I also have a version of the plugin that will not crash with Cura 4.0 beta 2 and Cura 4.0 stable, but that will crash your current Cura 4.0 beta. I have warned the Cura team about this situation, and got the advice to just wait for the second beta to make an OctoPrint Connection plugin for Cura 4.0. For details, see this discussion on github:   Update: a version of the OctoPrint Connection plugin is now available after all; see below: