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OctoPrint interface with UM3

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Hi, is there any way to connect OctoPrint to an UltiMaker 3? For some reason, it was decided to not include a USB b-type connector on the back - only the female on the front. I bought a male-to-male cable, hoping that could work, but no joy. I'm no coder, so there's now way I'd be savvy enough to run code or other such workaround - I'm looking for a plug-&-play solution. 

I've the Pi all set up with OctoPrint and I can see the webcam monitor from the network.  I haven't gotten to the point of getting the DNS sync'd my IP address, as I was attempting to get the printer connected first.  Thanks a mill.

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Though it is theoretically possible to connect OctoPrint to the serial port of the controller board of the UM3 (modifying the hardware), it would be a LOT of software work to get it working well.


The UM3 has its own (raspberry pi alike) little linux computer, with software that is has a functional overlap with the OctoPrint software. That software also handles switching cores, calibrating core xy offsets, material management and more that is unique to the UM3. Connecting OctoPrint would bypass that software, so you would have to somehow handle that in OctPrint.


What would you like to acomplish with OctoPrint that you cannot do with Cura Connect?

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Hi Ahoeben, thanks for getting back onto me on NY's Day!  I have an UM3 at home and I want to be able to monitor and cancel prints if needed from work or just away from the house.  I didn't intend to slice via the OctoPrint, but I was looking forward to being able to run timelapses of the prints.  I can access the interface of Cura Connect while on the home network, but how do I do this when offsite? 


The UM camera viewpoint isn't ideal for determining if a print is succeeding in reality, so I have a babycam sitting on to of my perspex housing for a plan view that I can log into on an app, but it is only to view.


I am currently logging into TeamViewer on my home PC to, from an app, then open Cura to cancel a print if necessary, but my PC needs to be on.  I was hoping that by using OctoPrint, I could manage all of this.

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1 minute ago, ShinerG said:

I can access the interface of Cura Connect while on the home network, but how do I do this when offsite?


Basically the same way you would do it with OctoPrint. Setting up a VPN would be the best (secure) way to do it.


Rumor has it that Ultimaker is working on a "cloud" solution that will let you remote start/monitor. I've seen some work being done to prepare for that on github, but it is not released yet.



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