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Dead Z Port - Ultimaker Original+

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Posted · Dead Z Port - Ultimaker Original+

A little back story. 


Three and a half years ago, I received my Ultimamer Original+ and the motherboard had a dead E1 port, thanks to the support from people in this thread I managed to get a version of the firmware to move over to E2 and all was well. I received a replacement board from Ultimaker which I never actually swapped over as I had just got the damaged one working. 


Fast forward to today and I have a weird issue with the Y axis taking leaps every now and then and it's not due to slipping. As some have mentioned it could be a board issue, I've decided to install that replacement board.


The Z port is dead! WTF, were these boards known for being flakey? 


I've moved my Z motor over to the X port and an autohome moves the motor fine so I'm pretty sure we are talking about another dead port.


So, now I find myself in the past and trying to edit the firmware but this time to move the control of the Z port to the E2 port. I imagine this too is possible but it might be more editing of the config than before due to different set functionality of the port.


If anyone has any comments, suggestions or has done this before then please let me know.


I'm not sure if I should start off editing the same file as before from here  (although this has been updated also) or to look at a new version of firmware to edit.


I've not updated the firmware in the last few years as if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it and also I would have had to edit it every time.



Ultimaker Original+ Z port dead on motherboard, want to edit firmware to move it to E2.




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Posted (edited) · Dead Z Port - Ultimaker Original+

Some days things just work out.


So if anyone is actually interested, I moved the Z control over to the E2 port.


Managed to work out what I did so many years back and did the same for this port.


Brief summary

Used a Marlin version of the firmware

Swapped pins in pins.h


#define Z_STEP_PIN35
#define Z_DIR_PIN 36
#define Z_STOP_PIN 29
#define Z_ENABLE_PIN 34
#define Z_STEP_PIN 49
#define Z_DIR_PIN 47
#define Z_STOP_PIN 29
#define Z_ENABLE_PIN 48



#define E1_STEP_PIN         49
#define E1_DIR_PIN          47
#define E1_ENABLE_PIN       48
#define E1_STEP_PIN         35
#define E1_DIR_PIN          36
#define E1_ENABLE_PIN       34



Compiled and it failed because of an old bug / typo where "fpos_t" should have been "filepos_t"


Just did a search and replace for all, compile, find more in other dependent files, repeat until it compiled OK.


Uploaded, worked!




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Posted · Dead Z Port - Ultimaker Original+

And other days things don't.


I realise I'm having a conversation with myself here but maybe it will help others and possibly me again in the future.



So it seems that my extruder port is also dead. The motor is fine if I move it to another port but now I have 2 dead ports and only 1 spare so I now also have 2 faulty boards!




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