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Infill doesn't reach shell!!!


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Posted · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

Hello all,


I'm at my wits end with this. I've messed with all the settings I can think of, but no matter what I do, there is a small part of the infill that doesn't reach the shell of the print (even with 100% infill overlap). Cura slices it perfectly fine, and it looks correct in the layer view. The gap between the infill and the shell doesn't show up until it actually prints....


- Nozzle: 0.4 mm

- Line width: 0.4 mm

- All settings that fill tiny gaps, print thin walls, etc are enabled.

- Model has even values for dimensions.


Here is the layer view, showing no gaps between infill and shell:



Despite that, here is what prints out:




There a clear, sizable gap between the infill and the shell in ONE specific area. Everywhere else, it connects beautifully. I've attached the model, if you'd like to slice it yourself. Please save my sanity! help!



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    Posted · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

    Can you verify if this is an Ultimaker printer or, if another type, what type?  That might help decide if this is a coasting setting, extrusion issue, or something mechanical like a drive system skipping steps somewhere.


    I can't tell looking at the picture how the overlap is working at the opposite side.  It almost looks like things misalign too much the other way.


    Also, would you be able to share your print material, temperature and speeds? 




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    Posted (edited) · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

    Hey John,


    This is not an Ultimaker, its a Snapmaker. It does seem to be mis-aligning the infill, even though it slices correctly in Cura and prints other objects fine. I've gone through and made sure that everything was tightened and secured properly. I've tried using Cura 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, and Master.


    Edit: I'm printing with regular black PLA from Solutech:



    I've messed with a ton of settings trying to get it to work, but here is the last configuration I tried (which gave the "best" overall result, except for the infill gap):








    Here is a different component to the model which I printed with Simplify3D, no infill gap:



    And here is an ironing test of another part I printed using Cura 4.0, no infill gap:



    Any addition insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Posted · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

    One more bump before I abandon all hope. No matter how I modify the settings, it refuses to connect the infill to the wall in specific areas. It's almost like the infill is being shrunk in that area.



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    Posted · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

    Close up:



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    Posted · Infill doesn't reach shell!!!

    Hmmm.  I'll try to print this when I am next at the printer.  Sadly that is an unknown at this point.


    One thought in the mean time.  I notice that your walls are one layer thick.  Have you tried doubling that?  At the same time, you might want to reduce your line width to 0.35.  It almost appears as if the printer thinks your lines are wider than they truly are.


    Under the infill options, I notice you have some bigger expansion numbers than I've ever worked with, probably in an effort to fill in those gaps.  But I also note your skin removal width is your line width.  I'd suggest cutting that back to 0.1.    I'd also suggest reducing the infill wipe distance to 0.


    Good luck!


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