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Raft printing temperature option

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Posted · Raft printing temperature option

Is there any possible way to adjust raft printing temp in Cura? Cuz, while a raft is a freaking awesome tool for bed adhesion but removing it afterwards is kind of a pain. Though I'm aware that Cura has an option to lift up Z a little bit to print parts on and it works quite well but I think that may not be enough. One thing I would do in combination of z lift to get the raft to peel as easy as possible is to manually lower the temp at the final top raft layer before it starts printing part. I generally print PLA at 215 and when the it starts printing the final raft layer, I crank it down to around 200-205 and after the first layer of the part is done, I manually set it back again to 215. And that makes the raft peels off like a charm, so I just wonder whether there is an option somewhat like that, or if not, could you guys add that into Cura please? Cuz that would save a lot of time and hassles especially with parts that require really big raft.

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