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Blobs vase mode short stops

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Posted · Blobs vase mode short stops


I printed my first vase.Naja, second vase.

It is 60mm high, very small. After almost finished I noticed blobs.

But also noticed that blobs occur because it shortly stops. After reducing speed the short stops dissapear and blobs dissapear too.

In gcode I can not see different parameter during print.

What value makes the short stops in cura? I already made minimum layer timt to 0 and minimum layer speed 0 too.


Why it stops shortly but after changing speed it stops not shortly?


nozle= 0.4

layer high= 0.2

speed= 30

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Posted · Blobs vase mode short stops

Sounds like you have a minimum layer time that is too high and perhaps the lift head option is enabled?

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Posted (edited) · Blobs vase mode short stops

Minimum layer time is set to 0.

Layer Speed to 30mm/s.


The Model is the  ZYYX vase Thingiverse.

Scaled down to 60mm hight. Maybee too much data points? Because it occours on top of vase where the circle gets smaler and to acheve the speed, more data points to calculate and then stops because of bottle neck (funny, because I truely have probs in bottle neck 😉 )

What I did is to set all accelerations to 500 mm/^2. Without understanding what it does.

But this jerky stops occour while making that smooth circular movement. No fast changes in acceleration or speeds neccesary.

It only occours when I increase speed with this knob on the controller (Fr Value)

After decresase under 100% it,  no more jerky move.

I also changed SD Card, but still happens.


Does is have to do with limited data calculation of the Creality controller? To make round shape vase is a lot of changes in direction. I read anything in forum. Like jerky speed problems, but there was no clear solution on that problem. I can not belive that a little vase 60mm high only can be printed witn 20mm/s!

Afternoon I will make a short video of it.


@ Ambassador: are you also in VR communities? Somehow I know your name....

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Posted · Blobs vase mode short stops

Short Update.

Because I scaled down high resolution stl model I think it is realy the data bottle neck of the data trafic.

Slow down and no stops no more.

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