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[SOLVED] Can't get a descent print out of Cura

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Posted (edited) · [SOLVED] Can't get a descent print out of Cura

Hello, I encounter a really annoying issue with Cura
First of all, some informations :


Printer : Anycubic i3 Mega (inside a box, in a clean and dry room)
Material : Sunlu PLA+ Black

Cura version : Ultimaker Cura v 3.6.0

Cura Profile : Extra Fine - 0.06mm

Cura Material : Generic PLA

Machine Settings

Start G-code :

G21 ;metric values
G90 ;absolute positioning
M82 ;set extruder to absolute mode
M107 ;start with the fan off
G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops
G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops
G1 Z15.0 F9000 ;move the platform down 15mm
G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length
G1 F200 E3 ;extrude 3mm of feed stock
G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again
G1 F9000
M117 Printing...

End G-code :

M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
M140 S0 ; turn off bed
M84 ; disable motors
G91 ;relative positioning
G1 E-1 F300 ;retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle
to release some of the pressure
G1 Z+0.5 E-5 ;X-20 Y-20 F{speed_travel} ;move Z up a bit and retract filament even more
G28 X0 ;Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops
so the head is out of the way
G1 Y180 F2000
M84 ;steppers off
M300 P300 S4000

I have a .gcode file stored by default in the provided SDcard that you might know, it's Owl_pair.gcode
This .gcode is printed really well, plus, it's printed quickly (less than an hour if I remember)


Now here is the issue, I try to print with Ultimaker Cura the same owls with the same .stl file used to generate the .gcode file and here is the result :

"Owl_pair.gcode" on the left, "AI3M_owl_pair.gcode" generated by Cura on the right


As you can see the PLA seem over extruded, causing the printer's head to be slowly swamped in the melted PLA.

I tried for days to change settings here and there but I can't find the solution.
Can you please help me ?

I can show you the Print Setup if you want to, just ask me what you need to help and I'll gladly give it to you.



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Posted · [SOLVED] Can't get a descent print out of Cura

Maybe the material diameter is set to 2.85mm. I have seen that some people have had issues with cura defaulting to 2.85mm.

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Posted (edited) · [SOLVED] Can't get a descent print out of Cura

Hi, thanks for the reply,

In "Settings/Printer/Manage Printers../Machine Settings" the "Nozzle size" is already set to 0.4mm (the good size for my nozzle).
I have a good .gcode made in Cura, I'll try to load it settings as a new profil, I'll tell you the result.


So, I've replicated the good .gcode file with the good .stl in Cura to get a bad .gcode file.
Now, I've oppened both of the .gcode files in Notepad++ and I'm looking for differences.
So far I've fixed a dozen of settings, I think the main cause was the flavor, it was set on "Marlin (Volumetric)" instead of "Marlin"

I'll keep you informed.

Edit #2 :
Problem solved, there is still a difference in the .gcode files line 33 ("G0 F3600 X85.065 Y85.582 Z0.1" for the good gcode and "G0 F3600 X85.072 Y85.575 Z0.1" I didn't found where to change the X and Y coordinates but I don't think it's a real problem.

Here is the things I changed for record :


G-code flavor   "Marlin (Volumetric)" > "Marlin"

Printing Temperature 	200 > 195
Build Plate Temperature 	60 >65

Print Speed		50 > 40
Travel Speed		50 > 40
Initial Layer Speed		20 > 60

Enable Print Cooling	OFF > ON
Fan Speed		0 > 100
Initial Fan Speed		0 > 100
Regular Fan Speed at Height	0.5 > 0.1
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