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Manage materials retraction vs retraction in settings


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Posted · Manage materials retraction vs retraction in settings


I'm a bit confused about the retraction (and the other settings) you can apply per material you select.

Does the material settings override the settings I make in my Profile, or does Profile settings override Material settings?

I would hope it was Material settings that take precedence, but it doesn't seem like it.

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    Posted · Manage materials retraction vs retraction in settings

    Unlike UMO, UM3, S5, the UM2 series printers expect you to set things like retraction distance on the printer (not in cura).  When you are in cura if you select a UM2 printer it should not even let you enter a value for retraction in Cura.


    However if you tell Cura (in machine settings) that you want it to generate reprap style gcodes, then cura *will* have a retraction distance.  And when you go to print this gcode file the UM2 will even pop up a message warning you that "machine settings will be overridden by this gcode file".  Or something like that.


    Are you asking about the a UM2 series printer?  Because only the UM2 printers should allow you to set retraction distance (and a few other settings) on the printer.


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    Posted · Manage materials retraction vs retraction in settings

    I'm not asking about the ultimaker printers. I do own a different brand.

    I'm asking specifically about Cura version 3.

    Does the retraction settings for the "material" settings take precedence over your "profile" settings, or the other way around?

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    Posted · Manage materials retraction vs retraction in settings

    @nallath explained the order a bit in the post linked below.

    I guess there's no easy answer, so it depends... The whole system consists of containers (with settings inside) that are stacked.


    As far as  i understand it, the settings from the material are only used if there are no other containers with different settings "above" it.

    Perhaps, if your printer definition does not use quality profiles and there are no retraction setting defined by the user, it may be use the material defaults, in all other cases... no...

    Quality profiles (if present) can have dependencies to the material settings, but do not have to... and so on...

    A very flexible system (IMHO), but also complicated and sometimes confusing... 🙂


    AFAIK there's no easy way to explore where the value comes from that is shown on the user interface. And be aware that the "profile" that you are talking about is probably not the same as the "profiles" the programmers are talking about...



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