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Order of extruders (one nozzle) has unexpected consequences

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Posted (edited) · Order of extruders (one nozzle) has unexpected consequences

Beforehand, I only try to understand how/why Cura is working/acting (like this). As you can read in the following, there already is a solution (more of a workaround) for the core Problem that it would not finish/print correctly.


I recently recived a Palette 2 and configurated cura to their specifications (later more on this), cliced, convertet the gcode with there Programm called Chroma and attempted to print it like this. 

Everythin seemed fine till the last switch of the Color. The Filament transporting stepper stopped while the printhead was still moving.

I checked everything I have done so far twice (software, hardwar and executional wise), redone the whole procedure, outcome was identical. So to checked if the Problem was the converter (Chroma) and attempted to print it whitout converting, in a single color with the same gcode to see if the same was happening. The outcome was still that at the point whre the last colorchange wuld acure (abut 94% in the print) the filament transport stopped as before.


Then I came back to read the Problems section of the article on configuring cura. There they mentioned hat:


You can also check that the last color to print is assigned to the first Extruder, ...


So I tryes that and the outcome was flawless. The Print was running  to its end without any problems.


So can anyone explan to me why Cura stops the filament tranport wehn the last activ extruder is any other than the first, even if it before had no probmlems with filemt tranport being the same for all extruders?

Keychain evident order.gcode Keychain first extruder for last color.gcode

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