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Change Color Of Preview Color Scheme

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Posted · Change Color Of Preview Color Scheme

Hello Community


I think I have a quite simple question but unfortunately no answer.

Is it possibel in CURA 4.0 to modify the color in the mode "Preview" => "Line type" => "Color Scheme"?

Currently the Top/Bottom-Layer is represented in a kind of light yellow. The infill is represented in let me say

a kind of less light yellow color. As we are all aware about the fact that millions of colors are available I do not

understand why this extremly similar colors have been choosen for representation by CURA.


E.g. why not follow the PRUSA Slicer approach?


I really looking forward for an answer.


Kind regards,


Carsten Schröder



Cura Approach:



PRUSA Slicer Approach:


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Posted · Change Color Of Preview Color Scheme

Basically because "that's how it was always done". I think we're still using the colors that were picked by Daid at some point when he was still the only contributor to Cura (and it wasn't even part of Ultimaker yet).


Could you make a feature request for this on github? That makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of for us.

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