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Question about Cura gcode

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Posted · Question about Cura gcode

I have entered my own Start Gcode and End Gcode into the printer settings, see attached screenshots.


However, as you can see, Cura also adds its own lines of Gcode that I don't need or want.  Does anyone know where these lines come from, and how to prevent them happening?Thanks.921378516_Curamachinesettings.thumb.jpg.0c04a7cb43364771ef9c641e72b42a0e.jpg306257562_Startinggcode.thumb.jpg.ec1b8f814e7230456c4bde9dc0de4ffa.jpg1810245497_Endinggcode.thumb.jpg.eb19f58ad04f009d13c7d1793155f365.jpg

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