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Ultimaker 2 vs. Ultimaker 1 -direct foto comparison!

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I think the marketing for the new product has been poor, at best.

If this is how they intended to build hype, it sure has failed. I've been in Software and Hardware for a very long time and to drop a new product with vague hints on a blog 5 days prior to release...that's a first. I would've expected the forums to be a great launching point, showing photos a few weeks in advance of the new nozzle, frame, etc. You know, build the excitement. And for recent customers like myself, had I known a significantly updated machine was due out in mere weeks....I would've waited. As would others.

It looks like a beautiful machine.

However the video of a guy coming home with flowers and printing a vase for them? How many hours would that vase take to make? Unless its a matter of minutes, the ad is misleading.


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Hey Paul, look at Apple's videos - they are all "missleading". But that's just marketing. I have already stated that this glossy image does not fit Ultimaker with their honest and down to earth approach. But it is their company and their decision.

I also agree that the launch could have been bigger/better. Just because the Maker Faire is well known in NY doesn't mean the whole world turns to it when Ultimaker launches something new.


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