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Saturn 5 rocket print feedback

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mmm interesting print.. cool model !

i think... printing maybe a little to hot... 190 to 200 should be fine..

Also lots of collecting, fan upto 200 or full speed 255.

Also try bringing the flow down just a tiny bit.. maybe 98 percent...

Also print about speed 50.

Those are the kinda goldenn numbers I use to get my really high res prints... hope they help.

this is a nice model and worth a second try I think ?

Also for infill.. 20 percent would be more than enough.. never 100 percent...

Ian :-)


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Something is definitely wrong. But I don't know what.

By the way, when you post a topic, do you click "follow this topic" at the top or will my post never get read?

Watching your earlier videos of the squeaking bowden I noticed your extruder appeared to be spinning AMAZINGLY fast. I'm surprised it works at all at that speed. There was a bug in Marlin that kept you from going over 20mm/sec in the extruder drive and that bug is in the version that comes with Cura. Or it did up until recently. The bug was fixed about 6 months ago and if you built with ginge's builder or if the latest cura has the bug fixed then maybe that explains your video. Anyway, people are recommending a max extruder speed of 25mm/sec. I put that in my firmware so I don't have to worry about it although in Cura it defaults to 40mm/sec. I would go into Cura and change it to 20 or 25mm/sec.

This one thing may fix all those blobs. Don't know. But I can tell you for sure that you shouldn't have all of those on such a simple print.

And it's not the temperature.

It could certainly be the print speed. Try 50mm/sec as Ian suggested.


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Oh wait! I take it back.

I just noticed that you printed several different pieces all at the same time.

*that* is what caused those blobs.

That you could definitely improve with lower temp (maybe 195C) and by printing slower.

Or you could print the parts individually.

In Cura you can click on a part and then explode it into it's pieces.

Then Cura may or may not print one at a time in a long series. Depending on gantry height setting and other settings ("file" "settings").


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Yes, I do check off the email notifications, many times I get replies while at work and on the road as a PC / Laptop / Network tech. So I see the replies as they come thru.

The printer seems to be at a happy "level", having added the washers to the bottom of the springs to prevent them from slipping between the nuts (yes that reads funny)

Now its a matter of learning more about speeds, temps and all that!

That took close to 3 hours, not sure I am ready to do that again right off.

The extruder speed...I'm running the latest firmware and asides the PLA spool turning into a giant spring at times, its feeding well.

I wish CURA had a Print Preview based on the settings chosen...but then again, its hard to predict results on so many variables.


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