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ZBrush tut's and some Help on Voronoi

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Hi Ultimakers,

Since i found many People using Pixologic's ZBrush around here,

I was wondering if anybody can tell me where to find usefull tutorials for beginners.

I have already searched many threads and watched lots of videos but still am not to happy with my skills.

Got to say that i enjoied the written tutorials more than the videos and would aswell spend some money on books about the programm (anyone read Introducing ZBrush 4 by Eric Keller?)

An other thing I (and as far as i can remember Ian who opended thread about) would be voronoi structures!

Since i am using rhinoceros and cant talk of great results, please let me know what you are using (seen cool stuff done using Blender)

Looking forward,



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Thanks illuminarti !

Already had a look at the resources on their side. And found some stuff on youtube about zspheres that wasn't bad at all!

How long have you been using ZBrush and could you show some of your work? I have already seen the stuff you did concerning 3D-scanning (of your familie if i am right) and the postprocessing you did in ZBrush. But one of your Designs might give a better impression on your work!



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I've only been using it for a few weeks. While the book is a good guide to learning the complexities of the tool (and it certainly is very complex) it sadly can't turn you into an accomplished 3D artist - only a lot of practice, and a fair bit of talent can do that. I haven't had enough of the former, and I have almost none of the latter, so I won't be producing any masterpieces with it any time soon. :-)

My main interest was in having a powerful, capable tool that I could use to quickly turn 3D scans into printable meshes, as shown in the video you mentioned. For this I think that ZBrush excels, but it isn't a low cost solution by any means.


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