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Blob vs Purge

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Posted · Blob vs Purge

I promised myself I wouldn't get into gcode or writing 3d printing tools, but then I always promise myself I won't get carried away writing "little" tools for games...


After several days trying to get the print bed low enough that material *would* come out of the nozzle, a thought occurred to me:


Is there a good reason to print a blob on the plate instead of purging the nozzle off the edge of the bed and wiping it? I realize you don't want to smack the delicate nozzle on the something hard and potentially sharp, especially not while it's hot.


But isn't there a way to access the auto-level sensor through g-code so that a plugin could look for the edge of the bed and thus carefully move past it, purge, and then wipe the nozzle on the edge of the build pate?


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